USHROOM KINGDO  M A   peaceful   monarchy,   the   Mushroom   Kingdom   is   ran   by   the   compassionate   Princess   Peach.   Its   residents--the   fungal   Toad   race-- are   adventurous   but   mostly   pacifistic,   and   the   kingdom   lacks   a   proper   army.   Instead,   it’s   typically   defended   by   two   former plumbers   named   Mario   and   Luigi.   The   Mushroom   Kingdom,   in   its   own   world,   had   fairly   unusual   architecture   and   physics--with many   land   masses   simply   floating   of   their   own   accord,   suspended   in   the   air.   This   property   has   translated   somewhat   to   the amalgam   world   post-Collide,   with   great   continents   and   islands   seeming   to   ignore   gravity   outright.   The   Mushroom   Kingdom   has mostly   been   fragmented   by   the   Great   Collide,   with   small   chunks   of   township   or   just   independent   homes   being   scattered   all across the new world. TOADS Toads   are,   by   far,   the   dominant   species   of   the   former   Mushroom   Kingdom.   Generally,   they’re   an optimistic   and   fun-loving   people,   sometimes   curious   but   more   often   fearful   of   danger.   They   don’t worry    much,    tending    to    trust    in    their    government    and    whoever    has    taken    on    the    role    of    their protector--they’re   fairly   aware   that   taller,   stronger   species   are   more   capable   than   they   are.   They’re fairly   innovative   when   they   want   to   be,   but   their   intelligence   is   rarely   applied   outside   of   recreation; they   have   incredibly   advanced   technology   in   the   fields   of   entertainment,   television,   go-karting,   and other   hobbies,   but   live   somewhat   primitively   otherwise.   Most   Toads   live   in   big,   mushroom-shaped houses,   and   are   fond   of   finding   and   collecting   things.   Toads   still   value   the   gold   coins   of   their   old kingdom,   but   may   be   willing   to   trade   or   barter   for   interesting   trinkets   if   one   wishes   to   do   business with them. MUSHROOMS There   are,   of   course,   some   fairly   unique   mushrooms   growing   in   the   places   that   were   once   the   Mushroom   Kingdom.   There   are mushrooms   that   double   the   size   of   those   that   consume   them,   and   mushrooms   that   shrink   the   eater,   as   well.   There   are mushrooms   that   heal   damage   and   mend   wounds,   and   mushrooms   that   are   incredibly   toxic.   There’s   mushrooms   that   can   briefly turn   you   into   a   ghost,   mushrooms   that   make   you   run   faster,   and   even   mushrooms   that   can   bring   you   back   to   life   after   you’ve eaten   one.   There’s   other   kinds   of   odd   and   magical   flora,   as   well--flowers   that   let   you   conjure   fireballs   or   that   double   as   functional boomerangs,   cherries   that   can   create   temporary   clones   of   anyone   who   eats   them,   and   leaves   that   give   you   the   power   of   a mythical   Tanooki.   The   bizarre   and   useful   resources   native   to   the   Mushroom   Kingdom   can   instill   a   desire   to   protect   what   it   has   in the new world… or to take it over, and hoard its resources for oneself. PIPES Another   strange   holdover   from   the   world   the   Toads   originated   from,   the   Mushroom   Kingdom   was home   to   large,   hollow   pipes.   These   pipes   have   magical   transportive   properties,   with   the   ends   of   any given   tube   rarely   being   connected   by   a   coherent   middle;   the   entrance   to   a   pipe   simply   “warps”   the traveler   to   its   exit.   Because   the   pipes   work   this   way,   they   often   appear--at   first   glance--to   lead nowhere   in   particular,   with   pipes   that   run   directly   into   a   wall   or   blank   space   secretly   connecting   to faraway    locations.    No    one    fully    understands    the    origins    of    these    pipes;    in    fact,    some    pipes spontaneously    appear    or    disappear    overnight,    while    others    have    been    in    the    same    spot    for centuries.    Since    these    pipes    could    lead    literally    anywhere,    and    are    often    filled    with    strange monsters   of   their   own,   those   that   mapped   and   explored   these   pipes--that   is,   plumbers--were   often   considered   to   be   brave warriors   or   adventurers   in   their   own   right.   Warp   pipes   still   exist   in   the   world   of   the   Great   Collide,   forming   passages   between   land masses or entrances to secret places. They can be incredibly useful shortcuts for those that are aware of them.