KILL  S This is a list of skills characters might have. ARCANA You   have   a   solid   comprehension   of   magic.   You   can   recognize,   identify,   and   figure   out   the   purpose   of   spells.   You   can   trace   a   spell back   to   its   source   with   a   Knowledge   (Arcana)   check.   When   you   hold   an   arcane   artifact   or   magical   item,   you   can--in   surprisingly little   time--figure   out   what   it   does   and   how   to   use   it.   You   can   figure   out   how   to   circumvent   or   “fool”   magical   locks   and   traps.   You can   tell   when   a   monster   is   using   magic,   and   how   its   influencing   them.   Arcana   affects   other   mystical   properties,   like   chi,   to   a vague   extent--you   can’t   necessarily   recognize   particular   martial   arts   techniques   or   the   like,   but   you   can   tell   when   someone   is enhancing   themselves   with   spiritual   energy,   and   you   can   tell   the   subtle   differences   between   chi   and   magic   (and   differences between types of magic--illusion, necromancy, etc). ATTACK You   are   a   skilled   combatant,   capable   of   inflicting   damage   more   than   the   average   civilian.   You   may   have   superhuman   abilities, martial   arts   training,   or   just   a   great   deal   of   experience.   Attack   can   be--and   usually   is--broken   down   into   individual   subtypes,   such as   Attack   (Firearms)   or   Attack   (Unarmed).   Most   characters   with   fighting   talent   are   only   dedicated   to   a   particular   style   or   method of combat, and thus only roll additional dice when attacking in that fashion. DEFENSE You   are   a   trained   fighter,   incredibly   resilient,   or   just   very   agile.   You   are   able   to   avoid   damage   in   some   way,   shape,   or   form,   better than   most.   Defense   is   often   (but   not   always)   broken   down   into   particular   defensive   measures,   like   Defense   (Dodging)   or   Defense (Blocking).   In   cases   where   you   physically   couldn’t   defend   in   the   way   implied,   your   additional   die   does   not   apply.   Some   attacks simply   can’t   be   dodged   or   can’t   be   blocked.   In   other   cases,   you   may   only   be   good   at   defending   against   particular   attacks,   such   as Defense (vs Magic) or Defense (vs Melee), meaning you are acquainted with those types of attacks but not others. POLITICS You   are   knowledgeable   about   politics,   how   political   hierarchies   work,   and   how   to   navigate   them.   Even   when   dealing   with   vastly different   manners   of   government   (monarchy,   democracy,   etc.),   you   have   a   solid   enough   grasp   of   how   governments   come   to   be, how   they   operate,   and   how   major   players   come   into   and   maintain   power   that   even   alien   or   demonic   political   structures   don’t throw   you   off.   You   can   tell   who’s   in   charge   in   very   little   time,   and   with   only   a   brief   study   understand   what   the   rules,   limitations, and   methods   of   a   given   political   climate   are.   You   can   spot   weaknesses   in   the   system,   and   rapidly   determine   what   it   would   take to   get   someone   put   in   power…   or   taken   out   of   power.   You   know   the   pros   and   cons   of   different   systems,   and   can   tell   when   a branch or angle of a political system has gotten too far or how it’s negatively impacting society at large. STEALTH You are good at sneaking, hiding, and moving with silence and subtlety.