EAR: WEAPON  S This   is   a   list   of   weapons   that   may   be   found   throughout   the   amalgamated   universe.   Unlike   the   weapons   and   other   artifacts gained   through   character   abilities,   these   weapons   don’t   carry   over   much   of   the   physics   from   their   original   worlds--they’re unanchored,   and   thus   subject   to   the    new   reality’s   rules,   whatever   those   happen   to   be.   As   a   result,   they   tend   to   not   be   as powerful or confer as many benefits. They can still be pretty useful in a pinch, though. AEP7 LASER PISTOL A    fairly    reliable    weapon    thanks    to    its    large    battery    and    the    build’s    general resilience,   the   AEP7   was   the   preferred   sidearm   of   the   Brotherhood   of   Steel   and the   Enclave   back   in   the   Capital   Wasteland.   Its   wavelength,   level   of   focus,   and firing   rate   can   be   lightly   tweaked   by   someone   with   mechanical   know-how,   and   it’s surprisingly   light   for   a   weapon   that   shoots   laser   beams.   A   massive   number   of AEP7s   were   manufactured,   though   due   to   that   iteration   of   America’s   ongoing   war with   China,   it   wasn’t   distributed   as   thoroughly   as   intended.   It’s   powered   by   an internal capacitor and small, replaceable energy cells. BILL BLASTER Normally   mounted   to   a   Koopa   Kingdom   airship   or   tank,   some   of these    heavy    cannons    are    small    enough    to    be    fired    from    the shoulder   like   a   bazooka   if   one   has   the   physical   strength   to   lift them.   Bill   Blasters   fire   large   Bullet   Bills.   Bullet   Bills   are   fast,   but   not as   fast   as   a   conventional   ammunition--slower   enough   that   they can   be   followed   with   the   human   eye,   though   still   quite   difficult   to dodge.    Bullet    Bills    break    into    a    small    explosion    upon    impact,    which    can    make    them effective    at    clearing    debris    or    forcing    one’s    way    through    walls    in    addition    to    their application   as   a   weapon.   Bill   cannons   automatically   restock   their   own   ammunition   every 10   seconds   or   so,   with   Bullet   Bills   spontaneously   manifesting   inside   the   gun.   This   is considered a phenomena of Koopa technology, rather than magic. CORAL SWORD A   weapon   forged   by   coastal   smiths   for   use   against   aquatic   foes,   Coral   Swords   are--as   their   name   implies--mostly   made of   magically   reinforced   coral.   To   further   accomodate   their   intended   purposes,   Coral   Swords   are   infused   with   magical lightning,   and   produce   electricity   with   every   strike.   A   Coral   Sword   gets   +1   on   attack   checks   against   enemies   weak   to Electricity.   However,   because   the   weapon   is   mostly   made   of   coral   (and   not   a   more   traditional   material   like   steel),   the Coral   Sword   takes   a   -1   penalty   on   attack   checks   against   any   target   not   weak   to   Electricity.   They’re   uncommon   but   not exactly   rare,   and   many   weapon   dealers   that   enjoy   odd   or   otherworldly   armaments   are   sure   to   have   a   few   in   their collection.   Shopkeeps   that   once   existed   on   fantastical   coasts,   or   in   cities   that   had   to   deal   with   sea   monsters,   will   likely have Coral Swords in stock as well. GLOCK 22 The   handgun   carried   by   a   majority   of   modern   American   police   officers,   the   Glock   22   is   a semi-automatic   pistol   that   fires   readily   affordable   .40   S&W   rounds.   It   has   decent   stopping power,   is   reliable   and   accurate,   and   is   incredibly   easy   to   use   for   someone   unfamiliar   with firearms,   with   an   average   capacity   of   15   rounds.   The   Glock   22   has   a   durable   polymer   frame rather   than   a   metal   one,   which   makes   it   lighter   than   a   normal   pistol.   The   .40   S&W   rounds   it utilizes   were   specifically   developed   for   law   enforcement   purposes,   with   roughly   the   same performance   as   a   9mm   Parabellum   round   with   far   more   manageable   recoil.   Glock   22s   are incredibly common, owed to their wide distribution in multiple base realities. HYDRA BEAM RIFLE Designed,   built,   and   distributed   during   an   odd   version   of   World   War   II, the    HYDRA    Beam    Rifle    utilizes    energy    siphoned    off    the    Tesseract--a crystalline   cube   that   actually   functioned   as   a   containment   device   for one   of   the   Infinity   Stones.   HYDRA   Beam   Rifles   fire   pulses   of   blue   energy that    do    decent    but    impressive    damage    against    inanimate    objects. Against   humans,   however,   the   HYDRA   Beam   Rifle   is   far   more   powerful,   outright   vaporizing   sections   of   organic   tissue.   In   its   own world   the   HYDRA   Beam   Rifle   could   annihilate   a   person   whole   with   a   single   blast,   but   its   power   has   been   noticeably   brought down by the physics of the amalgamated universe. KREE SOUL BOW An   older   weapon   of   the   alien   species   the   Kree,   a   Kree   Soul   Bow   uses   a   combination   of   energies   remotely drawn   from   the   Negative   Zone   (an   alternate   dimension   comprised   entirely   of   anti-matter),   and   the   latent psionic   energies   of   whoever   wields   the   bow.   The   amount   of   psychic   force   the   bow   can   draw   varies   based on   the   user,   but   does   have   a   hard   limit--an   incredibly   powerful   psychic   won’t   get   much   more   mileage   out of   the   bow   than   a   normal   person   will.   The   bow   fires   arrow-shaped   energy   bolts,   but   can   produce   more substantial   blasts   if   the   bow   is   pulled   harder   (though   this   can   feel   mentally   exhausting   to   the   user   after repeated use).