EAR: ITEMS AND ACCESSORIE  S This   is   a   list   of   accessories   and   utility   equipment   that   may   be   found   throughout   the   amalgamated   universe.   Unlike   the   artifacts gained    through    character    abilities,    these    itemsdon’t    carry    over    much    of    the    physics    from    their    original    worlds--they’re unanchored,   and   thus   subject   to   the    new   reality’s   rules,   whatever   those   happen   to   be.   As   a   result,   they   tend   to   not   be   as powerful or confer as many benefits. They can still be pretty useful in a pinch, though. FORENSICS KIT Invaluable   for   conducting   a   search   of   a   crime   scene,   a   Forensics   Kit   contains   everything   an investigator    would    need    to    dust    for    finger    prints,    compare    blood    samples    and    ballistics impact,   test   gun   residues,   and   isolate   evidence   for   safe   keeping.   While   most   police   officers wouldn’t   carry   an   entire   Forensics   Kit   with   them,   detectives   and   other   career   investigators that    deal    in    solving    mysteries    like    to    keep    one    of    these    somewhere    accessable    for    an emergency.   That   being   said,   a   good,   complete   Forensics   Kit   is   difficult   to   purchase   whole; most   people   that   need   one   slowly   piece   together   its   components   themselves,   leading   every Forensics Kit to look a little different. GAS MASK A   Gas   Mask   is   an   air-tight   mask   specially   reinforced   against   toxic   gases,   noxious   vapors, and   other   airborne   pollutants.   It   can   stop   any   bacteria   or   biological   weapons   that   are meant   to   be   inhaled,   but   of   course,   doesn’t   stop   any   similar   attacks   that   could   be   absorbed through    the    skin.    Most    Gas    Masks    have    adjustable    straps,    and    Gas    Masks    made    or modified    after    the    Great    Collide    are    designed    to    combat    a    wider    range    of    offending materials   than   those   built   in   any   single   world--owed,   in   no   small   part,   to   greater   access   to   a wider range of technologies, in addition to exposure to new chemical weapons. STIMPACK A   Stimpack,   or   stimulation   delivery   package,   is   a   sort   of   compartmentalized   method   of administering   medication.   Due   to   the   high   demand   for   them   and   the   difficulty   of   crafting them,   Stimpacks   are   fairly   rare   and   costly   when   sold   on   the   market.   They   also   have   varying levels    of    effectiveness,    as    some    Stimpacks    have    been    stocked    in    less    than    optimal conditions   for   a   great   length   of   time,   or   were   engineered   by   less   skilled   chemists.   A   typical Stimpack   will   heal   minor   cuts   and   damage,   recovering   2   HP   upon   use.   They   can   also   reset and   begin   mending   out   of   place   bones,   essentially   “healing”   broken   limbs   moments   after injection.