HIN MEGAMI TENSEI ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. BERITH Health: 06 Attack: 04 Defense: 05 Class: Demon Berith    are    demons    that    have    taken    a    shape    in    imitation    of    a    Duke    of    Hell.    They resemble   knights   upon   red   horses,   and   consider   themselves   chivalrous   gentlemen   and lords--however,   anyone   who   speaks   to   them   without   proper   manners,   they   will   skewer. Being   ancient   demons,   their   idea   of   proper   manners   is   very    specific,   such   that   many Berith   can’t   even   tolerate   each   other.   They   are   also   habitual   liars,   though   they   know   a great   deal   about   the   past,   present,   and   future   if   one   can   work   through   those   lies.   If   they throw   their   spear,   it   can   disappear   and   re-appear   in   the   Berith’s   hand,   and   their   horses can   breathe   fire.   The   rider   and   its   horse   are   one,   technically   both   the   Berith;   they   will not   separate   for   long   if   they   can   avoid   it,   and   they   share   stats   and   combat   turns.   That being   said,   the   rider   is   weak   to   Electric   based   attacks   (due   to   his   armor),   and   the   horse is weak to Cold based attacks (due to its affinity to fire). IPPON-DATARA Health: 12 Attack: 06 Defense: 05 Class: Demon Rare   monsters   indeed,   Ippon-Datara   are   blacksmith   demons   (sometimes   said   to   be   ghosts,   or   old blacksmithing   gods)   with   one   leg   and   one   eye.   They   are   bitter   isolationists,   rarely   tolerating intruders   to   their   dens--but   are   also   responsible   for   some   incredible   weaponry,   with   centuries upon     centuries     of     experience     under     their     belts.     An     Ippon-Datara     will     attack     with     its sledgehammer,   first   and   foremost,   striking   out   at   whatever   it   can   reach.   Some   are   able   to   conjure the   fires   of   the   forge,   spontaneously   lighting   targets   aflame   and   inflict   Burning   to   one   victim   as   a side   action;   others   stick   to   purely   physical   combat.   An   Ippon-Datara   can   strike   any   enemies within 5 feet of it, making multiple attacks per round. JACK FROST Health: 05 Attack: 04 Defense: 02 Class: Demon Though   adorable   at   first   glance,   these   mischievous   demons   have   no   qualms   with   freezing   to death   those   that   they   dislike.   They’re   said   to   be   winter   fairies   or   snow   spirits,   responsible   for leaving   frost   patterns   on   windows   in   the   winter.   They’re   child-like,   for   better   or   worse-- innocent    in    their    intentions,    but    with    no    sense    of    responsibility    or    the    weight    of    their actions.   Jack   Frosts   can   breathe   magical   bursts   of   icy   air,   which   in   addition   to   dealing   Cold based   damage,   inflicts   Freezing    status   if   it   isn’t   fully   defended   against.   Jack   Frosts   are   not only   immune   to   extreme   cold   and   Cold   damage,   they’re   actually   healed   from   it,   rather   than harmed by it. They are, on the other hand, weak to Fire based damage. LEGION Health: 16 Attack: 05 Defense: 04 Class: Demon Named   after   a   Biblical   entity,   Legions   are   multitudes   of   souls   clustered   into   one   body. They’ve   lost   all   sense   of   individuality,   now   knowing   only   hatred   and   anger.   They’re formed   when   many   ghosts   suffering   similar   pain   find   each   other.   From   a   distance, they   attack   with   psychic   anguish--filling   the   mind   of   a   target   with   tormented   thought, and   causing   pain   to   the   mind.   They   can   attack   up   to   3   people   at   once   mentally.   If forced   into   close   combat   (or   when   dealing   with   enemies   immune   to   psychic   attacks),   a Legion   can   also   simply   ram   itself   into   a   target.   At   the   beginning   of   a   fight,   a   Legion   will use   an   ability   called   Evil   Smile;   any   who   can   see   the   Legion   must   succeed   on   a   defense check,   or   be   inflicted   with    Fear   status.   A   Legion’s   defense   is   considered   2   higher against Fire and Cold based damage. O RTHRUS Health: 07 Attack: 06 Defense: 04 Class: Demon These   two   headed   devil   dogs   take   on   the   form   of   a   Greek   myth,   a   monster   said   to   be slain   by   Hercules.   Though   capable   of   reasoning   and   sometimes   even   speech,   Orthrus are   hateful,   savage   beasts   prone   to   letting   their   instincts   (and   their   hunger)   drive   their decisions.   They   are   often   bribed   (or   forced)   to   work   as   guards   for   more   powerful demons,   or   even   occult   summoners.   In   addition   to   being   incredibly   fast   and   having   a powerful   bite,   Orthrus   can   breathe   fire   out   of   both   their   mouths.   They   also   have impeccable   senses,   able   to   smell   and   hear   even   better   than   normal   canines--as   a result,   they   are   immune   to   Blind    status.   However,   Orthrus   are   weak   to   Cold    based damage. SARASVATI Health: 09 Attack: 05 Defense: 03 Class: Demon Sarasvati   are   demons   taking   the   form   of   a   Hindu   goddess.   Like   their   namesake- -a   goddess   of   knowledge,   music,   and   the   arts--they’re   both   knowledgeable   and passionate   about   culture   and   untapped   wisdom,   and   are   said   to   be   skilled   in every   art   known   to   man.   If   one   can   offer   them   something   they   desire--usually   a sacrifice   of   fine   art,   hidden   knowledge,   or   a   grand   performance--the   trade   can be   worth   it,   as   Sarasvati   are   able   to   heal   people   and   remove   status   effects.   A Sarasvati   negotiated   with   in   this   fashion   will   typically   make   one,   perhaps   a couple   of   deals,   and   then   move   on   to   a   different   place.   If   offended   or   provoked, however,    a    Sarasvati    can    also    be    a    dangerous    opponent;    they    are    able    to conjure   ice   magic,   dealing   Cold   damage   from   within   a   target,   and   inflicting Freezing status on their foes.