ESIDENT EVIL ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Resident Evil series. GIANT SPIDER Health: 20 Attack: 06 Defense: 02 Class: Bug As   the   name   implies,   these   are   spiders   that   have   grown   to   almost   4   feet in   height   and   roughly   100   lbs.   Originally   designed   as   bio-weapons   by   the Umbrella   Corporation,   most   have   broken   loose   and   spawned   more   of their   species.   They   rarely   spin   webs,   preferring   to   hunt   for   live   prey   in the   dark   of   urban   areas,   and   can   run   up   to   24   mph--in   addition   to   scaling walls   as   easily   as   a   normal   spider.   If   their   bite   deals   damage,   it   inflicts Poison    status,   but   does   not   carry   the   T-Virus   like   some   of   Umbrella’s other   monsters   do.   Some   giant   spiders   can   eject   venom   straight   from their   abdomen   for   a   distance   attack,   which   also   inflicts   Poison.   Those with    venom    ejectors    are    especially    dangerous--their    abdomens    will rupture   upon   death,   and   anyone   near   the   spider   must   make   one   last defense check or be hit with the venom. PLANT 43 Health: 12 Attack: 05 Defense: 04 Class: Plant Plant   43s   are   experimental   bioweapons   developed   by   Umbrella,   based   on   an   accidental mutation   that   occurred   during   the   Mansion   Incident   of   1998.   As   these   plant   monsters are   able   to   walk,   many   of   them   were   able   to   escape   containment   in   the   lead   up   to   the destruction   of   Raccoon   City.   Fairly   intelligent   (for   a   walking   plant,   anyway),   they   attack by   whipping   or   lashing   out   with   their   vines,   or   by   spewing   acidic   chemicals   from   their “mouths.”   They   are   able   to   spew   two   different   kinds   of   acids--one   is   more   corrosive,   able to   eat   through   walls   and   the   like,   while   the   other   inflicts   Poison    status   on   organic targets.   They   have   been   known   to   “play   dead,”   only   to   lash   their   vines   out   and   grab   at anyone who approaches them. They are weak to Fire based attacks. ZOMBIE Health: 10 Attack: 04 Defense: 00 Class: Undead Humans   infected   with   the   T-Virus,   these   ghoulish   individuals   are   now   brain   dead   monsters   that   crave living   flesh.   They’re   slow,   shambling   monsters,   and   easily   outran,   but   they   tend   to   group   up   and attack   in   mobs.   Any   damage   caused   by   Zombies--be   it   a   scratch,   a   bite,   or   anything   that   produces wounding--will   also   infect   their   victim   with   the   T-Virus.    This   works   exactly   like   Poison ,   and   can   be countered   and   resisted   with   the   same   types   of   abilities.   However,   if   someone   infected   with   the   T- Virus   dies,   they   will   themselves   rise   as   a   mindless,   man-eating   Zombie,   and   continue   to   spread   the   T- Virus to their  victims. Zombies are immune to Poison . ZOMBIE DOG Health: 06 Attack: 06 Defense: 06 Class: Animal / Undead Canines   that   have   ingested   T-Virus   infected   food   or   organisms   transform   into   Zombie   Dogs. Unless   normal   Zombies,   these   mutts   maintain   the   speed   and   agility   they   had   in   life   while acquiring   the   trademark   hunger   for   living   meat.   Zombie   Dogs   are   incredibly   aggressive,   and are   able   to   smell   people   from   great   distances.   Their   bite   inflicts   the   T-Virus ,   which   functions identically   to   Poison --except   that   when   someone   affected   by   the   T-Virus   dies,   they   rise   as   a Zombie themselves. Zombie Dogs are immune to Poison  and Blind .