INAL FANTASY ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Final Fantasy series. A HRIMAN Health: 12 Attack: 07 Defense: 04 Class: Demon Ahriman   are   round,   yellow   demons,   often   drawn   to   great   sources   of   magic   or outlets   of   similar   mystical   energy,   like   portals   and   leylines.   Though   they   do   have a   nasty   bite   and   can   swipe   with   their   wing-claws,   their   biggest   threat   is   really the   giant   eye   in   the   middle   of   their   bodies.   Aside   from   being   able   to   use   an ultrasonic    screech--which    deals    sound-based    damage    to    all    its    foes,    at    no penalty--once   per   fight   an   Ahriman   can,   as   a   main   action,   use   its   stare   to   petrify a   target.   This   deals   no   damage,   but   if   the   character   doesn’t   fully   succeed   on   a   defense   check,   they   are   instantly   Transformed into   a   solid   statue.   A   petrified   character   cannot   act,   speak,   or   even   move;   they   are   turned   to   stone,   helpless   until   they   can   be treated. BLOOD TASTE Health: 06 Attack: 06 Defense: 05 Class: Animal Monstrous   canines   bred   for   domestic   combat,   Blood   Tastes   resemble   large,   strange   dogs with   a   single   tentacle   extending   from   their   back.   That   tentacle   is,   as   the   name   of   the species   implies,   capable   of   draining   blood   directly   from   a   target   and   using   it   to   empower the   Blood   Taste,   not   unlike   a   mythical   vampire.   When   at   full   health   a   Blood   Taste   will   attack with   its   strong   bite,   but   if   hurt   in   any   way,   it’ll   use   the   tentacle.   Any   damage   the   Blood   Taste manages   to   inflict   with   its   tentacle   it   recovers   as   HP.   Blood   Tastes   have   incredible   senses, often    used    as    patrol    or    searching    animals    by    military    types;    their    sense    of    smell    is impeccable. As a result, they are immune to Blind  status. CACTUAR Health: 04 Attack: 01 Defense: 09 Class: Plant Cactuars   are   strange   creatures,   existing   almost   exclusively   in   desert   environments.   Their   stiff joints   barely   move   as   they   walk,   and   they’ll   often   spend   hours   at   a   time   standing   in   the   same place,   with   the   same   stance.   Despite   this,   they   are   ridiculously   fast,   and   can   vanish   in   a   puff   of smoke   if   frightened.   If   provoked,   they   lead   with   an   attack   called   1   Needle;   it   deals   exactly   1 damage,   which   cannot   be   raised   or   lowered.   If   they   take   damage   and   survive   it,   however,   a Cactuar   will   up   the   ante   with   a   counter-attack   called   10   Needles.   The   Cactuar   spins   in   place, sending    a    barrage    of    needles    in    all    directions.    This    always    deals    10    damage    exactly,    no alterations,   but   is   distributed   between   multiple   targets.   When   the   counter-attack   is   used,   the initial    attacker    receives    5    unaltered    damage,    the    character    closest    to    them    receives    3 unaltered   damage,   and   the   second   nearest   target   receives   2   unaltered   damage.   If   only   two targets   are   available   the   Cactuar   deals   5   to   each,   and   if   only   one   target   is   available   it   deals   10 pure damage to that target. A Cactuar will only ever use 10 Needles as a counter-attack. HEDGEHOG PIE Health: 03 Attack: 04 Defense: 02 Class: Animal These   small,   weak   creatures   seem   to   prefer   living   among   garbage--often   congregating   in slums,   junkyards,   and   other   places   where   trash   dwells.   They   mostly   attack   physically,   able   to kick   off   the   ground   to   hurl   themselves   at   foes,   curling   up   into   a   spiked   ball   in   mid-air   to   deal a   sharp   bodyblow.   They   can,   on   occasion,   also   cast   fire   spells--dealing   Fire   based   damage   as they    hurl    magical    flames    through    the    air.    Cold-based    attacks    gain    a    +2    bonus    against Hedgehog Pies, as if anyone needed it. SWEEPER Health: 13 Attack: 06 Defense: 06 Class: Automaton Large   sentries   built   for   patrolling   military   installations,   power   plants   and   the   like,     Sweepers   pack   dual   machine   guns   and   heavy   armor.   As   a   side   action,   a   Sweeper can   fire   a   smoke   canister,   which   immediately   fills   a   15   by   15   foot   area   with   thick smoke;   those   inside   the   smoke,   or   attempting   to   attack   through   it,   are   treated   as though   they   were   Blind.    Sweepers   themselves   have   sensors   advanced   enough that   they’re   immune   to   Blind ,   as   well   as   Poison ,   and   any   mind   affecting   abilities or   status   effects   like   Charm   or   Rage .   Sweepers   are   weak   to   Electricity   based damage. TONBERRY Health: 20 Attack: 20 Defense: 00 Class: ???? Bizarre    creatures    sometimes    found    in    the    darkest,    most    ancient    dungeons, Tonberries   are   as   slow   as   they   are   dangerous.   They   hobble   through   the   dark   with nothing   but   a   knife   and   lantern,   tracking   down   those   they   can   sense   sins   upon.   For Tonberries,   the   knowing   death   of   any   creature   (especially   Tonberries,   though)   is   a sin,    and    adventurers    that    have    killed    more    are    the    highest    priority    targets. Tonberries   have   no   way   to   attack   from   a   distance;   however,   a   single   stab   from   a Tonberry’s   knife   is   more   than   sufficient   for   killing   almost   anyone.   Tonberries   are hardy   but   lack   the   speed   to   properly   defend   themselves;   as   long   as   one   is   wary   of their   surroundings   and   keeps   a   safe   distance,   Tonberries   aren’t   so   bad.   Tonberries are immune to Charm  status.