ALLOUT ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Fallout series. FERAL GHOUL Health: 06 Attack: 05 Defense: 01 Class: Undead Humans   that   are   exposed   to   extensive   and   powerful   radiation   sometimes   mutate   into   ghouls,   a process   that   decays   the   skin   but   makes   them   ostensibly   ageless.   A   ghoul   whose   brain   has deteriorated   beyond   the   capacity   to   reason   becomes   a   feral   ghoul.   Feral   ghouls   are   mindless, violent   monsters.   They   band   together   in   the   cold   dark,   sometimes   venturing   out   to   hunt.   They slash   and   claw   with   their   hands,   eating   whatever   meat   they   can   get   a   hold   of--living   or   otherwise. Sometimes,   a   feral   ghoul   exposed   to   enough   radiation   will   become   a   Glowing   One.   As   their name   suggests,   Glowing   Ones   glow   in   the   dark   with   a   vibrant   green.   They   put   off   enough radiation   that   any   melee   attacks   made   against   them   automatically   inflict   1   damage   back   on   their attacker.   They   can   also   release   a   pulse   of   radiation   that,   in   addition   to   dealing   an   attack   to   every non-ghoul in the area, heals 3 HP back to every ghoul present. FIRE ANT Health: 04 Attack: 06 Defense: 05 Class: Bug Fire   ants   are   ants   from   the   Mojave   Wasteland   that--due   to   an   intense   exposure to   radiation--have   grown   to   massive   size,   and   developed   the   ability   to   breathe fire.   They   shoot   huge   streams   of   flame,   able   to   hit   multiple   targets   at   once   if they’re   clustered   together,   or   focus   on   one   target   to   deal   damage   and   inflict Burning .   They   tend   to   swarm   foes   and   this,   when   combined   with   their   fire- breathing   powers,   makes   them   extremely   dangerous   foes   as   a   collective   group. Their   carapace   gives   them   a   form   of   armor,   which   can   be   hard   to   penetrate.   Their   defense   is   considered   2   higher   against   Fire based   attacks,   but   they   are   weak   to   Cold   based   attacks.   If   its   antennae   are   damaged,   a   Fire   Ant   will   be   inflicted   with   Rage   status, and completely disregard friend from foe as it attacks the nearest possible target. LEGIONARIE Health: 06 Attack: 05 Defense: 04 Class: Humanoid Caesar’s   Legion   is   an   imperialistic   dictatorship,   a   massive   but   well   organized   tribe of   brutes   and   murderers   that   fashion   themselves   after   the   ancient   Roman   Empire. They    are    a    slave    army,    taking    over    communities    and    indoctrinating    their    able- bodied   males   to   fight   for   Caesar.   Legionaries   are   conditioned   to   be   loyal   to   Caesar, and   to   be   more   than   willing   to   die   for   him   in   battle.   Their   eventual   goal   is   for   all   to bow   before   Caesar.   They   are   fairly   low   tech,   mostly   sticking   to   revolvers,   rifles, machetes    and    hand-crafted    throwing    spears,    with    the    occasional    power    fist    or chainsaw.   They   believe   that   reliance   on   technology   has   weakened   mankind,   and refuse   to   use   chems,   alcohol,   or   robots   to   aid   them.   Legionaries   are   immune   to Charm , their loyalty to Caesar and their thirst for blood too strong. MISTER GUTSY Health: 15 Attack: 07 Defense: 05 Class: Automaton General   Atomics   International   was   mostly   known   for   their   Mister   Handy   and   Miss Nanny   lines   of   robotics--automata   that   helped   out   with   cleaning   and   such   around the   house.   However,   they   also   produced   a   militarized   variant,   the   Mister   Gutsy… and   despite   its   humble   beginnings,   it’s   surprisingly   effective.   A   Mister   Gutsy   is armed   with   a   long   range   plasma   gun,   a   shorter   range   flamethrower,   advanced artificial   intelligence   and   a   voice   like   a   drill   sergeant.   They   have   very   patriotic personalities,    often    shouting    about    communists    while    hovering    around    and burning   their   foes   alive.   They’re   usually   assigned   to   protect   old   military   bunkers and     the     like,     but     Mister     Gutsy     model     robots     have,     historically,     been reprogrammed   to   do   all   kinds   of   things.   Like   most   robots,   Mister   Gutsy   is   immune to   Blind,   Poison ,   and   mind   affecting   abilities   or   status   effects,   and   is   weak   to Electricity based damage. PROTECTRON Health: 16 Attack: 04 Defense: 04 Class: Automaton Though   originally   built   by   RobCo   as   mechanical   security,   they   saw   far   more   use   as   ticket takers,   shopkeeps,   tour   guides,   and   manual   labor.   They   could   be   given   a   wide   variety   of personalities   and   functions   for   different   occupations,   though   Protectron   AI   is   itself   fairly limited.   Whenever   they   were   actually   used   as   security   guards,   it   was   rarely   for   anywhere more   high   risk   than   an   office   building   or   bus   station.   They   are   slow   and   awkward,   with weak   and   short   ranged   laser   weapons   being   built   into   their   claws   and   glass   dome.   They typically   have   an   exposed   combat   inhibitor   on   their   back,   which   is   their   main   method   of selecting   targets;   if   it’s   damaged   or   tampered   with,   they   are   inflicted   with   Rage   status,   and become   unable   to   tell   friend   from   foe.   Like   most   robots,   a   Protectron   is   immune   to   Blind, Poison ,   and   mind   affecting   abilities   or   status   effects,   and   is   weak   to   Electricity   based damage. RADSCORPION Health: 07 Attack: 05 Defense: 04 Class: Bug Radscorpions   are   scorpions   made   larger,   faster,   and   more   venomous   by radiation     exposure.     They     are,     allegedly,     descended     from     the     North American    Emperor    scorpion,    which    at    the    time    of    the    Great    War    was featured   in   pet   stores   all   across   the   United   States.   Though   many   variants exist    (including    Radscorpions    mutated    from    other    species    of    scorpion), they    all    share    incredible    aggression    and    a    fondness    for    abandoned structures.   Like   a   normal   scorpion,   Radscorpions   attack   primarily   with   their tail   stingers.   If   a   Radscorpion   deals   damage   with   its   tail,   it   also   inflicts Poison   status.   Some   have   been   known   to   spit   venom   from   a   distance,   and some   especially   radioactive   varieties   will   glow   a   luminescent   green;   glowing Radscorpions   deal   1   automatic   damage   to   anyone   who   attacks   them   in melee. SUPER MUTANT Health: 15 Attack: 07 Defense: 03 Class: Humanoid Victims    of    the    Forced    Evolution    Virus,    Super    Mutants    are    substantially    larger, stronger,   and   more   durable   than   normal   human   beings,   typically   standing   between   8 to   10   feet   tall.   They   are   immune   to   Poison ,   all   manners   of   diseases,   and   the   effects   of radiation.   Their   rapid   cellular   regeneration   makes   them   essentially   ageless;   unless killed   by   force,   they   are   functionally   immortal.   However,   they   are   vulnerable   to   going senile.   Most   Super   Mutants   are   aggressive   to   the   point   of   psychosis,   many   acting feral   or   animalistic.   Those   with   enough   intellect   left   to   do   so   tend   to   band   together, forming   primitive   war   tribes   and   taking   over   what   they   can.   Some   bands   of   Super Mutants   have   gone   even   further,   kidnapping   humans   and   injecting   them   with   FEV   to create   more   Super   Mutants.   In   battle,   Super   Mutants   like   big,   heavy   weapons,   such   as sledgehammers, gatling guns, and flamethrowers.