OOM ENEMIE  S This is a list of enemies, hazards, and other threats from the Doom games. CACODEMON Health: 13 Attack: 06 Defense: 03 Class: Demon These   round   demons--almost   six   feet   in   diameter--are   able   to   fly   via   tactile   psionics.   They   are   able to   electrify   their   bile,   which   they   then   launch   as   large   energy   orbs   that   deal   Electric   based   damage and   inflict   System   Shock .   Though   they   prefer   to   stick   to   ranged   combat,   they’re   perfectly   capable in   melee,   able   to   bite   with   their   enormous   jaws.   Cacodemons   display   some   level   of   intelligence, but   most   of   their   behavior   is   instinctual--they   need   to   feed,   and   any   actions   they   take   are   toward finding meat. MANCUBUS Health: 25 Attack: 06 Defense: 06 Class: Demon Mancubi    are    huge,    grotesque    demons    with    a    foul    stench    and    numerous cybernetic   enhancements.   They   eat   anything   they   can   find,   even   rancid   flesh; their   food   rots   in   their   stomachs,   becoming   a   flammable   mess.   The   Mancubus is   then   able   to   expel   the   fetid   contents   of   its   gut   via   the   guns   fixed   to   its   arms. They   can   launch   fireballs   from   their   cannons,   attacking   up   to   two   different targets   per   turn,   or   expel   a   flamethrower-like   burst   that   can   hit   up   to   three targets    within    10    feet.    Upon    death    the    Mancubus    will    explode,    inflicting Burning    status   to   anyone   (friend   and   foe   alike)   within   15   feet   of   it.   Mancubi   are slow   but   incredibly   durable,   and   immune   to   Fear --it’s   less   that   they   don’t   feel   it, and more that they’re not capable of running. POSSESSED SOLDIER Health: 05 Attack: 06 Defense: 04 Class: Demon/Undead Though   most   humans   given   direct   exposure   to   demonic   Argent   energy   are   killed   immediately, some    become    host    to    a    sample    of    the    energy--essentially    becoming    possessed    by    the elements   of   Hell.   Those   with   military   experience   and   training,   in   particular,   seem   more   likely   to be…    “chosen.”    Necrosis    of    the    tissue    sets    in    and    it    slightly    impairs    brain    functions,    but Possessed    Soldiers    still    show    a    degree    of    tactical    awareness    and    planning.    An    automatic plasma   gun   has   been   fused   to   the   arm   of   most,   allowing   them   to   rapid-fire   energy   blasts   at their   foes.   Their   damaged   armor   provides   some   protection,   but   not   much.   Possessed   Soldiers are immune to Poison  and, being driven by a force not their own, are immune to Charm . SPECTRE Health: 16 Attack: 06 Defense: 06 Class: Demon These     large,     ape-like     demons     are     fairly     common     in     Hell.     With exclusively   melee   attacks,   they’re   forced   to   charge   at   incredibly   high speeds   and   zig-zag   patterns,   coming   at   enemies   with   their   razor   sharp teeth   and   massive   claws.   The   front   of   its   head   is   heavily   armored   with thick   bone,   making   its   head   almost   impossible   to   harm.   Mostly   relying on   smell   and   having   limited   vision   to   begin   with,   they   are   ostensibly immune   to   Blind    status.   While   there   are   many   unnamed   demons   that resemble   this   one,   the   Spectre   in   particular   is   frightening   because   it can   turn   invisible.   They’re   not   exactly   sneaky   creatures,   lacking   the intelligence   or   the   grace   for   proper   stealth,   but   attacks   made   it   against treat the offender as if they were Blind themselves. SUMMONER Health: 08 Attack: 05 Defense: 07 Class: Demon Summoners,   thought   to   be   a   new   iteration   of   Hell’s   old   Arch-Viles   by   occult   experts,   are demons   that--as   their   name   implies--can   summon   other   demons.   A   Summoner   can   open   a temporary   rift   to   Hell,   letting   one   or   more   demons   through   at   a   time.   Making   them   a   further pain   to   deal   with   is   that   they   can   teleport,   which   they   often   use   defensively   to   avoid   attacks. Lastly,   they   can   fire   waves   of   Argent   energy,   the   element   that   powers   Hell   itself.   These   waves can   attack   every   foe   in   the   area   simultaneously.   Human   beings   capable   in   combat   killed   by Argent   waves   rise   back   up   on   the   next   round   as   Possessed   Soldiers,   albeit   with   their   own equipment   rather   than   plasma   cannons.   Summoners   are   more   intelligent   than   many   of   Hell’s other   forces--they   can   be   tactical,   they   know   to   stay   behind   the   front   lines,   and   they   fully capable   of   planning   and   setting   up.   Attempts   at   full-on   invasions   from   the   forces   of   Hell   are often heavily driven by Summoners.