SUBAKI NAKATSUKAS  A Tsubaki     is     a     Demon     Weapon,     one     who     can transform    her    body    into    a    powerful    weapon    and resonate    her    soul    with    a    wielder,    as    well    as    a member   of   the   Nakatsukasa   Clan.   Tsubaki   joined the     Death     Weapon     Meister     Academy     to     grow stronger   and   learn   to   be   a   more   competent   Demon Weapon,   in   the   hopes   of   stopping   her   out-of-control brother      from      consuming      human      souls      and becoming      an      unstoppable      evil.      Tsubaki      did eventually   defeat   her   brother   and   absorb   him,   but over   the   course   of   her   training   with   the   Academy, became    embroiled    in    a    battle    against    forces    far more   vile   and   far   more   powerful.   After   the   Great Collide,    Tsubaki    continues    seeking    to    grow    as    a combatant   and   as   a   person,   and   to   keep   the   new world from being swept up in madness. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   recognize   or   understand   magical   weapons   and   tools,   checks   to   tell   if someone’s lying or hiding something, checks that involve cooking, and checks involving combat tactics and strategy. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   when   you   are   being   wielded   as   a   weapon,   defense   checks   to   dodge or avoid, checks involving stealth, and checks to notice things. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you talk an ally out of doing something brash, or talk them into approaching a situation more tactically, gain 1 XP . When you act as a mediator and help diffuse an argument between two other parties, gain 3 XP . When you prevent madness from overtaking the world, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Dark   Arm:   You   are   a   Demon   Shadow   Weapon,   a   Dark   Arm.   Though   you   have   a   human   form,   you   are   also   able   to   assume   the shape   of   a   physical   weapon,   to   be   wielded   by   another;   those   that   wield   a   Demon   Weapon   are   called   Meisters.   In   your   own   world you   were   able   to   take   the   shape   of   various   weapons,   but   because   of   the   Great   Collide,   you   are   limited   (for   now)   to   the   form   of   a short   ninjatō.   You   can   manifest   glimpses   of   this   weapon   when   you   attack   independently--forming   a   blade   from   your   forearm   to slash   at   an   enemy,   for   instance--but   you   are   at   your   strongest   when   you   take   the   full   shape   of   a   weapon   and   are   wielded   as such. When   you   are   being   wielded,   your   Meister   rolls   2d10   on   any   attack   checks   with   you,   even   if   they’re   not   normally   proficient   with your   style   of   weapon.   When   you   attack   on   your   turn,   you   will   your   Meister   to   swing   you,   and   you   roll   2d10   on   any   attack   checks with   yourself.   From   an   in-character,   outsider   perspective,   the   Meister   appears   to   be   attacking   twice   in   one   round;   in   reality,   you and   your   Meister   are   both   attacking   with   you   as   a   weapon   independently.   You   and   the   Meister   act   as   one   cohesive   unit,   your souls   attempting   to   operate   on   the   same   wavelength.   You   still   have   the   option   to   move,   as   well--you   can   essentially   force   your Meister   to   travel   your   normal   movement   distance.   Because   you   and   your   Meister   can   both   move   their   body   in   this   way,   in combat   your   Meister   basically   has   double   their   normal   speed   (one   move   for   you,   and   one   for   them),   and   out   of   combat   a Meister carrying you is granted Haste status. As   a   weapon   in   someone’s   hands   you   are   difficult   to   target,   and   your   metal   is   reinforced   by   your   user’s   soul;   you   cannot   be attacked   while   you   are   a   wielded   weapon.   You   are   able   to   speak   still,   and   your   human   form   appears   in   the   reflection   of   your blade. You can also “sense” the world around you--both you and your Meister are immune to Blind  while you are being wielded. LEVEL UP CHOICES Art   of   Assassination:    You   have   received   extensive   training   in   the   ways   and   methods   of   being   an   assassin,   and   can   pass   this knowledge   onto   your   Meister.   You   may   automatically   succeed   on   any   check   to   hide,   sneak,   or   otherwise   be   stealthy;   if   you   are being   wielded   as   a   weapon,   your   wielder   automatically   succeeds,   as   well.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut   this ability down. Chain   Scythe   Mode:   As   a   side   action,   you   can   take   the   form   of   two   scythes   connected   by   a   chain.   You   can   vary   the   length   of   the chain   at   will,   attacking   from   up   to   50   feet   away.   When   you   attack   or   are   used   to   attack   in   this   form,   you   and   your   Meister   do   not provoke   any   melee-based   counter-attacks.   You   can   be   used   as   a   grappling   tool   to   climb,   swing   from   overhead   architecture,   or grab   an   object   and   pull   it   near.   You   can   also   utilize   these   aspects   yourself   when   you   are   in   human   form--extending   a   chain scythe from your body to imitate the properties of the ability. You must take this ability to take the following: Chain   Binding:   When   you   deal   damage   in   Chain   Scythe   mode,   you   can   pull   the   enemy   up   to   20   feet   closer   to   your   Meister (or   yourself,   if   you’re   not   being   wielded).   Alternatively,   you   may   bind   the   enemy’s   legs   by   wrapping   your   chain   around them.   Until   the   start   of   your   next   turn   the   target   is   still   able   to   act,   but   cannot   move   from   their   current   spot.   This   second option does not work on airborne opponents. Dummy   Mode:   As   a   side   action,   you   can   take   on   the   form   of   whichever   Meister   wielded   you   in   combat   last.   You   perfectly   imitate their   physique,   voice,   and   even   mannerisms,   using   information   you   retained   from   sharing   similar   wavelengths;   however,   you   do not   get   access   to   their   skills   or   abilities.   Unless   you   do   something   drastically   out   of   character   for   them,   you   automatically succeed on any checks to impersonate them. You can change back to your normal human form as a side action. Shuriken   Mode:   As   a   side   action,   you   can   transform   into   a   large,   five-pointed   shuriken.   When   thrown,   you   can   alter   your   own trajectory   in   mid-air,   allowing   you   to   curve   in   unusual   ways   and   return   to   your   Meister’s   hand   from   any   flight   path.   You   become   a ranged   weapon,   and   are   more   easily   able   to   attack   multiple   foes   in   a   round.   While   in   Shuriken   Mode,   you   (or   your   Meister)   take   a -1 penalty for every additional attack target, rather than the normal -2 for every additional one. Smoke   Bomb   Mode:   As   a   side   action,   you   can   become   a   smoke   bomb.   When   you   impact   a   hard   surface   such   as   the   floor (throwing   yourself   down,   or   throwing   you   down,   is   also   a   side   action),   you   form   a   15   by   15   foot   field   of   smoke.   Anyone   inside   the smoke   is   inflicted   with    Blind   for   as   long   as   they’re   within   it,   and   those   trying   to   see   or   attack   through   the   smoke   are   treated   as though   they   were   Blind ,   as   well.   You   can   “part”   the   veil   of   smoke   in   select   portions,   allowing   your   allies   to   see   through   it   without giving   your   enemies   the   same   advantage.   You   cannot   attack,   be   attacked,   or   be   wielded   as   a   weapon   for   as   long   as   you   maintain the smoke, but you can return to your human form or a different weapon form as a side action. Strength   of   Soul:   Your   soul   is   an   exceptional   one,   strong   enough   that   the   mystical   properties   that   constitute   you   cannot   be   shut down. You are immune to the status effect Silence , as is anyone wielding you as a weapon. Uncanny   Sword:   A   powerful   form   gained   from   consuming   the   soul   of   your   brother   back   in   your   own   world;   as   a   side   action   you can   take   the   shape   of   a   black-bladed   katana   with   a   bandaged   hilt.   While   in   this   form,   you   can   control   your   Maester’s   shadow, forming   sharp   blades   and   claws   that   can   react   in   an   instant.   When   your   wielder   fully   defends   against   a   melee   attack,   you   may make a counter-attack with a -2 penalty without using your turn. Uncanny   Sword   [True   Form]:   You   can   take   the   true   form   of   the   Uncanny   Sword   with   a   longer,   glowing   red   blade. However,   because   few   can   consistently   adhere   to   the   Will   of   Nakatsukasa,   this   form   has   detrimental   effects   on   you.   You can   enter   this   form   as   a   side   action,   and   exit   it   as   a   main   action.   You   and   your   Meister   roll   3d10   on   all   attack   and   defense checks   while   you   are   in   this   shape;   however,   at   the   start   of   your   turn   you   take   2   automatic   damage   which   cannot   be   raised or lowered. Wavelength   Control:   You   have   gotten   better   at   matching   the   wavelength   of   another,   making   you   and   your   wielder   a   more cohesive   and   singular   fighter.   Whenever   your   Maester   takes   damage,   you   may   split   the   damage   between   the   two   of   you   in   any way that you choose--as long as the Maester still takes a minimum of 1 damage.