RUNK  S --- CHECKS Roll 3d10  and take the highest result for ----. Roll 2d10 and take the highest result for ----. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you ---- gain 1 XP . When ----, gain 3 XP . Whenever ---- gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH ????: ----- LEVEL UP CHOICES Burning   Attack:   You   move   your   arms   rapidly   in   a   specific   pattern,   drawing   in   energy   before   bringing   your   thumbs   and   index fingers   together;   from   this   diamond   shape,   you   fire   a   large   ki   blast.   This   ranged   attack   damages   the   target   at   a   ki   level,   wounding them spiritually; treat this as Burning status. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Buster Cannon: --- Capsule   Gear:   You   carry   miscellaneous   equipment   in   Capsule   Corp   capsules.   With   a   press   of   a   button,   the   item   can   be   retrieved. Whenever   you   need   a   non-magical,   non-unique   item   (like   an   electrician’s   kit,   a   motorcycle,   sunglasses,   etc)   you   may   simply declare that you have one. After you use this, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Flight:   You   can   channel   your   ki   to   lift   yourself   into   the   air,   attaining   flight.   You   can   fly   as   fast   as   you   normally   move   on   the ground. Heat   Dome:   Grabbing   an   opponent   from   melee   range,   you   proceed   to   hurl   them   high   into   the   air.   Then,   charging   energy   in   a huge   dome   around   you,   you   launch   a   powerful   beam   straight   up   at   the   thrown   foe.   You   deal   an   automatic   1   damage   to   any enemies   within   5   feet   of   you,   in   addition   to   a   normal   attack   against   the   tossed   foe;   the   tossed   foe   is   rendered   airborne   until   the start of their turn, and is vulnerable to any attacks that capitalize on that. Shining Sword: You hit an opponent with a rapid series of sword slashes, finishing up with a one-handed ki blast. Super   Saiyan:   After   a   great   moment   of   anger   and   tragedy,   you   obtained   the   legendary   form   of   the   Saiyan   race.   Your   hair   turns gold    and    lifts    toward    the    air,    and    your    resilience    increases    dramatically.    You    can    go    Super    Saiyan    as    a    side    action;    you immediately   gain   10   HP,   up   to   a   total   of   20   HP --double   your   normal   capacity   until   the   end   of   combat.   If   you   have   more   than   10 HP   at   the   end   of   the   fight,   your   HP   total   is   dropped   back   to   10.   Shut   this   ability   off   the   first   time   it’s   used.   You   must   have unlocked this ability to unlock the next one: Ultra   Super   Saiyan:   An   enhanced   version   of   Super   Saiyan,   you   trade   speed   and   mobility   for   more   raw   power.   You   can enter   your   Ultra   Super   Saiyan   form   as   a   side   action;   your   speed   is   halved,   but   you   gain   a   +1   on   all   attack   and   defense checks.   This   lasts   until   the   end   of   combat   unless   you   decide   to   end   it   early,   and   can   be   used   during   or   independently   from your normal Super Saiyan benefits. Sword   Rush:   You   rush   forward   in   a   blur,   slicing   all   foes   in   your   way.   You   move   forward   20   feet,   dealing   damage   to   any   enemies that   came   within   5   feet   of   your   path.   You   are   immune   to   floor   spikes,   isolated   fires,   caltrops,   and   other   environmental   hazards   or rough   terrain   during   this   movement.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   an   attack   check   with   Sword   Rush,   shut   it   down.   You   may   also choose to inflict Armor Break  on one target within your rush; if you do, shut the ability down immediately.