ALI’ZORA  H Tali'Zorah   vas   Normandy   is   a   quarian,   a   race   of   technologically   gifted   nomadic   aliens   that were   driven   from   their   homeworld.   Because   a   quarian’s   immune   system   can’t   handle   the bacteria   outside   their   original   planet,   Tali   is   forced   to   wear   a   full   body   environmental   suit at   all   times.   Prior   to   the   Great   Collide,   the   quarian   species   lived   aboard   the   Migrant   Fleet, also   known   as   the   Flotilla--a   massive   collection   of   roughly   fifty   thousand   starships,   some of    which    have    been    around    for    centuries.    When    a    quarian    reaches    adulthood,    they embark   on   a   pilgrimage--leaving   the   ship   they   were   born   on   to   find   a   new   crew,   and   to be   accepted   aboard   a   ship   as   a   permanent   resident.   Tali’s   pilgrimage   put   her   aboard   the ship   of   a   human   being   named   Commander   Shepard--and   together   with   the   rest   of   their crew,   they   became   heroes   of   the   known   universe.   With   the   Great   Collide,   Tali’zorah   is without   a   ship,   without   a   crew,   and   without   Shepard.   She   seeks   answers,   and   her   place   in the new world… or at minimum, a crew position on a new ship. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    involving    general    electronics    or mechanical knowledge. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   on   attack   checks   made   with   a   pistol,   shotgun,   or your   tech   abilities,   checks   to   hack   or   repair   electronics   (including   locks   and   security systems),   repair   vehicles   and   other   machines,   checks   that   involve   first   aid,   checks   to   pilot, repair, navigate or help run a ship, and checks of general intellect. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you accomplish something great with very limited resources, gain 1 XP . When you’re able to use your technical and engineering brilliance to improve life for a group of people, gain 3 XP . When you find a ship or other travelling vessel that you can call home, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Quarian   Envirosuit:   You   wear   a   Quarian   Envirosuit,   a   completely   sealed   suit   meant   to   protect   you   from   contaminants   and outside   bacteria   (which   could   be   incredibly   dangerous   or   even   fatal   to   you).   The   suit   uses   a   Virtual   Intelligence   to   monitor   your health   and   its   own   integrity,   and   has   a   microfabricator   to   automatically   seal   breaches   and   repair   damaged   surfaces.   It   has   built in   decontamination   equipment   and   an   intake   port   in   the   helmet,   allowing   you   to   eat   or   drink   with   limited   restriction.   You   are immune   to   any   diseases,   poisons,   pheromones,   or   other   abilities/status   effects   inflicted   by   airborne   means;   toxic   vapors   and   the like   are   repelled   by   your   suit.   Statuses   inflicted   via   direct   damage   still   affect   you.   Your   suit   includes   an   Omni-Tool,   a   wrist- mounted   computer   and   multipurpose   diagnostic   device.   It   can   act   as   a   scanner,   a   camera,   a   holographic   projector,   and   can   work as a communications device--linking up to cell phone networks and the like to interact with them. LEVEL UP CHOICES Combat   Drone:   You   are   in   possession   of   a   Combat   Drone,   a   glowing,   hovering,   spherical   device   that   can   attack   on   your   behalf (affectionately   nicknamed   Chatika   vas   Paus).   Your   Combat   Drone   works   on   standard   follower   rules,   rolling   2d10   on   all   attack checks   and   defense   checks,   and   attacking   with   Electric   based   energy   blasts.   You   can   perceive   through   your   Combat   Drone,   and   it has   1   HP;   when   it   takes   damage,   it   immediately   explodes   in   a   burst   of   electrical   energy,   getting   a   free   (and   final)   attack   check against any enemies within 15 feet of it. Shut this ability down after the drone is destroyed. Damping   Device:   You   carry   devices   not   unlike   proximity   mines,   which   go   off   when   a   hostile   target   approaches   them.   You   can prime   and   throw   these   directly   at   someone,   or   stick   them   to   the   floor,   wall,   or   ceiling,   as   a   main   action.   When   they   go   off,   anyone within   15   feet   of   them   are   inflicted   with   both   System   Shock   and   Silence,    though   these   mines   do   no   actual   damage .   These devices   originally   affected   biotics   and   synthetics   in   your   universe,   specifically,   but   the   Great   Collide   has   altered   the   physics behind   them   to   encompass   all   advanced   technology   and   magic.   When   you   use   one   of   these   devices,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut   this ability down. Defense   Drone:   You   have   a   Defense   Drone,   a   glowing   device   that   hovers   relatively   close   and   revolves   around   your   head.   When someone   takes   hostile   action   against   you,   the   Defense   Drone   will   blast   them   with   an   electrical   surge.   When   you   fully   defend against a melee attack check, you may immediately counter-attack without using your turn, dealing Electric based damage. Kinetic   Barrier:   You   possess   a   Kinetic   Barrier,   a   personal   mass   effect   field   projected   from   a   small   emitter.   It   can   repel   small, physical   objects   at   high   velocities,   but   not   energy   attacks   or   slower   velocity   objects   (to   prevent   the   field   from,   say,   knocking   your chair   away   when   you   try   to   sit).   When   an   enemy   makes   a   ranged   attack   against   you   with   “hard”   ammunition--such   as   a   bullet   or an   arrow--you   may   choose   to   negate   the   damage,   even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   a   defense   check.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. You may only take the following ability after you’ve taken this one: Energy   Drain:    You   are   able   to   drain   kinetic   energy   from   a   target   at   a   distance,   and   use   it   to   replenish   your   shield.   When you   attack   with   Energy   Drain,   gain   a   +2   bonus   against   foes   weak   to   Electricity.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   attack   check, shut Energy Drain down but restore Kinetic Barrier if it’s been shut off. Quarian   Machinist:   You   are   a   technical   genius,   incredibly   skilled   in   all   things   digital   and   mechanical.   You   may   automatically succeed   on   a   check   involving   machines,   including   checks   to   repair   or   hack.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut   it down. Reegar   Carbine:   You   carry   an   advanced   shotgun,   which   uses   a   short-ranged   invisible   laser   to   ionize   the   air   before   firing   a sustained   electrical   current.   It   hits   hard   but   burns   through   ammo   quickly,   and   can   only   hit   from   about   20   feet   away.   It   does   +2 against   targets   weak   to   Electricity,   and   can   tear   through   energy   shields   and   electrify   armor.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack   check with the Reegar Carbine, you may inflict Armor Break  status and shut the ability off. Sabotage:    You    can    cause    technology    to    be    spontaneously    compromised.    If    you    roll    a    10    on    any    attack    check,    you    may automatically   inflict   Charm   on   the   target   if   they   are   an   automata   (temporarily   preventing   them   from   identifying   you   as   an enemy), or System Shock if they are any other type of enemy.