UB-ZER  O Kuai    Liang,    more    well    known    by    his    alias    Sub-Zero,    is    an    assassin    and warrior   trained   by   the   reclusive   Chinese   clan,   the   Lin   Kuei.   Once   obsessed with   exacting   revenge   for   the   death   of   his   brother,   the   events   of   the   Mortal Kombat   tournaments   slowly   changed   Kuai   Liang   from   a   stern   and   distant killer    to    a    more    humane    and    self-disciplined    teacher.    Before    the    Great Collide,    Sub-Zero    had    broken    from    the    Lin    Kuei    to    join    other    heroes    in fighting   off   an   Outworld   invasion.   Now,   he   journeys--seeking   to   share   his wisdom with others, and to defend his new home from a variety of evils. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to    survive    in    hostile environments,   checks   of   ancient   martial   arts   lore   or   history,   and   checks   to identify or analyze a fighting style. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   be   stealthy,   melee   attack checks,    defense    checks    against    melee    attacks,    and    checks    that    involve acrobatics. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you exact justice (or revenge) on behalf of an ally, gain 1 XP . Whenever a lesson you’ve taught another genuinely makes a difference for them or improves their life, gain 3 XP . When you are able to give up petty revenge or put aside your hateful desires to accomplish something greater, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Cryomancer:   You   have   the   blood   of   a   Cryomancer   running   through   your   veins,   granting   you   astounding   power   over   ice   and   the cold.   You   get   a   +2   bonus   on   defense   checks   against   Cold   based   attacks,   are   immune   to   the   effects   of   extreme   cold.   You   have perfect   balance,   never   slipping   or   stumbling.   Lastly,   you   can   conjure   and   launch   icy   shards   from   your   hands,   blasting   foes   with attacks that deal +2 against those weak to Cold. LEVEL UP CHOICES Barrier   of   Frost:   You   can   create   massive   walls   of   thick,   solid   ice   as   a   side   action.   The   wall   appears   at   whatever   angle   you   choose, abruptly   rising   out   of   the   floor;   anyone   currently   located   where   the   wall   will   be   is   pushed   to   whichever   side   they   prefer.   You   can make a wall up to 25 feet wide and 15 feet high within 10 feet of you. Cold   Aura:   You   can   produce   an   aura   of   extreme   cold,   which   you   can   turn   on   or   off   as   a   side   action.   The   air   glows   blue   around you,    warning    others    of    this    trait.    Any    enemy    that    makes    physical    contact    with    you--including    any    sort    of    melee    attack-- automatically takes 1 damage, completely ignoring Defense Scores. Ground   Ice:   As   a   side   action,   you   can   freeze   the   ground   beneath   you.   You   can   freeze   the   ground   outward   from   you   in   a   circle   up to   25   feet   in   diameter,   or   in   a   25   foot   line   in   one   direction.   Enemies   caught   standing   on   your   frozen   terrain   are   rooted   in   place, the   ice   gripping   at   their   feet;   they   can   still   attack   and   otherwise   act,   but   they   cannot   move   from   where   they   are   for   10   seconds (or until the start of your next turn, whichever is sooner). After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability off. Ice   Blast:   You   can   convert   part   of   your   ice   blasts   into   cryogenic   energy,   causing   it   to   freeze   the   surface   of   whatever   it   impacts. You may take a -2 penalty on an attack made with your ice powers to inflict  Freezing  status on the target. Ice   Clone:    You   can   manifest   an   ice   clone,   a   solid   statue   of   ice   that   resembles   you.   Aside   from   using   this   for   utility   purposes (weighing   down   switches,   holding   doors,   etc),   you   can   use   this   as   a   counter-attack.   Whenever   you   completely   succeed   at   a defense   check   against   a   melee   attack   (that   is,   you   take   no   damage   from   it),   you   may   step   backward   5   feet,   leaving   an   ice   clone   in your wake… and letting the enemy strike the clone instead, automatically inflicting Freezing  status on them. Lin   Kuei   Training:   You   have   been   trained   by   the   Lin   Kuei   in   the   arts   of   subtlety   and   stealth.   Though   you   were   a   warrior,   you’ve still   learned   to   approach   situations   on   your   own   terms.   You   may   choose   to   automatically   succeed   on   a   check   of   stealth,   hiding, or sneaking, even if you’ve already rolled for it. When you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability off. Precise   Ice:   You   have   learned   a   certain   degree   of   precision   and   control   with   the   ice   you   manifest.   You   can,   as   a   side   action,   craft a   simple   object   out   of   pure   ice,   such   as   a   sword,   a   basic   tool,   or   a   small   figurine.   Your   ice   is   more   resilient   than   normal   ice,   and weapons you make from it function perfectly well until at least the end of combat. Sliding:    You   can   temporarily   freeze   the   soles   of   your   boots   and   the   ground   beneath   you,   allowing   you   to   slide   forward   at incredible   speeds.   While   sliding   in   this   fashion   you   are   considered   to   have   Haste .   However,   you   cannot   turn   while   sliding,   only shoot straight forward. Tundra   Teleport:   You   can   encase   yourself   in   ice   like   some   sort   of   cocoon…   and   when   the   ice   shatters   a   moment   later,   you   have vanished. You can use this ability as a side action, teleporting up to 30 feet to any location you can physically see.