QUALL LEONHAR  T An    aloof    swordsman    and    a    member    of    the    mercenary    group    SeeD.    Squall’s journey    has    involved    a    great    deal    of    maturing,    and    growing    into    not    just    a soldier,   but   a   leader.   No   stranger   to   building   a   fighting   force   from   the   ground up--nor   to   compressions   of   time   and   space--Squall   seeks   to   establish   stability and sanity in this new world the way he had tried to do in his own. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   that   involve   military   tactics   or strategy,   navigating   wildnerness,   identifying   or   recognizing   magic   and   magical phenomena, card games, researching information, or ballroom-style dancing. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   attack   checks   with   magic   or   a gunblade, and defense checks to dodge or block with your gunblade. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever   your   cold,   detached   nature   causes   tensions   with   your   teammates   or other problems, gain 1 XP . When   you   convince   others   to   trust   and   follow   you   through   your   actions   and dedication rather than your words, gain 3 XP . When    you    stop    a    powerful    enemy    from    using    magic    to    control,    destroy,    or otherwise perform a great evil, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Relentless   Revolver:    You   are   a   master   of   gunblades,   a   pistol-like   implement   with   a   blade   extending   from   it.   When   you   squeeze the   trigger   of   a   gunblade,   a   shockwave   runs   down   the   length   of   the   sword;   perfectly   timed,   it   deals   additional   damage   as   it   cuts through   a   foe.   When   you   roll   an   attack   check   with   your   gunblade,   if   either   of   the   dice   read   1-3,   add   the   two   dice   together   instead of taking the higher outcome. LEVEL UP CHOICES Alert:   A   power   gained   from   junctioning   a   Guardian   Force,   you   are   more   alert   and   aware   of   your   surroundings.   You   receive   +2   on checks   to   notice   things,   and   you   can   never   be   ambushed--your   party   always   has   the   initiative   in   fights.   Finally,   you   are   immune to Armor Break . Darkside:   Drawing   on   the   power   of   an   abyssal   Guardian   Force,   you   have   gained   the   ability   to   increase   your   power   at   the   cost   of your   own   health.   You   may   grant   yourself   a   +3   bonus   on   a   single   attack   check   as   a   side   action,   but   you   take   2   damage   (which cannot be altered) if you do so. Elem-Atk-J:   You   can   junction   elemental   magic   to   your   basic   attacks.   When   you   take   a   full   rest,   choose   whether   to   get   a   +2   bonus on   gunblade   damage   against   foes   weak   to   Fire,   Ice,   or   Electricity.   You   possess   this   bonus   until   the   next   time   you   take   a   full   rest, at which point you may switch. Renzokuken:   You   attack   in   desperate,   rapid   fire   succession   with   your   gunblade.   When   you   have   4   or   less   HP   remaining,   you   may turn   one   of   the   dice   of   any   attack   check   you   make   with   your   gunblade   into   a   3   (and   trigger   your   Relentless   Revolver   ability).   You may only take the following abilities once you’ve taken this one--they are finishers that modify or add to Renzokuken: Blasting   Zone:   You   may   choose   to   perform   this,   Fated   Circle,   or   Lion   Heart   (if   you   have   them)   in   addition   to   Renzokuken. At   the   end   of   your   barrage,   you   raise   your   gunblade   into   the   air,   firing   a   beacon   of   light   skyward   before   bringing   it   down   on every   enemy   in   a   25   foot   line   at   no   penalty.   If   you   use   Blasting   Zone   with   Renzokuken   you   receive   a   +2   on   the   attack   check against   flying,   levitating,   or   otherwise   airborne   opponents;   you   force   them   out   of   the   air   on   impact,   and   prevent   them   from being able to take to the air for the rest of the fight. Shut Blasting Zone down after use. Fated   Circle:   You   may   choose   to   perform   this,   Blasting   Zone   or   Lion   Heart   (if   you   have   them)   in   addition   to   Renzokuken.   At the   end   of   your   rapid   attack   sequence,   you   spin   with   your   sword,   releasing   a   massive   wave   of   energy.   All   enemies   within 15   feet   of   you   (including   your   original   target)   take   an   automatic   3   damage,   which   cannot   be   raised   or   lowered.   Shut   Fated Circle down after using it. Lion   Heart:   You   may   choose   to   perform   this,   Blasting   Zone,   or   Fated   Circle   (if   you   have   them)   in   addition   to   Renzokuken. At   the   end   of   your   gunblade   blitz,   you   dash   straight   through   the   enemy;   a   moment   later,   a   small   explosion   originates inside   them.   In   addition   to   treating   one   of   the   dice   as   a   3   (as   per   Renzokuken),   treat   the   other   dice   as   a   10,   doing   the maximum damage possible automatically. Shut Lion Heart down after using it. ST-Def-J    [Pain]:    You    have    junctioned    Pain    spells    to    your    Status    Defense,    granting    you    magical    resilience    against    multiple afflictions. You are immune to the Blind, Silence,  and Poison  status effects. Triple:   You   cast   a   spell   that   multiplies   magics   used.   For   the   rest   of   the   fight,   any   magic-based   abilities   (attacking   or   healing)   of you   and   your   teammates   can   target   up   to   3   targets   at   no   penalty   (unless   the   ability   is   normally   self-targeting).   However,   rolls   for magic   ability   shutdowns   are   made   at   a   -2   penalty   for   the   rest   of   the   fight,   as   triple-casting   spells   burns   through   magic   faster. Shut this ability down after use.