ON GOK  U A   member   of   the   warrior   Saiyan   race,   Goku   was   sent   to   Earth   as   an infant   to   conquer   it.   After   hitting   his   head,   forgetting   his   mission and   being   raised   by   a   martial   artist,   Son   Goku   became   one   of   the Earth’s   foremost   protectors,   defending   it   from   the   likes   of   the   Red Ribbon   Army   and   other,   more   villainous   Saiyans.   Though   a   hero   in his   own   way,   all   Goku   really   seeks   is   to   challenge   himself,   and   to engage    with    stronger    and    stronger    opponents.    With    the    Great Collide    bringing    so    many    worlds    together,    Goku    is    given    new opportunities   to   face   the   toughest   fighters   from   other   universes. His   powers   have   been   dramatically   weakened,   but   this   only   makes the challenge more palpable. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to    identify    or recognize fighting styles and understand martial arts techniques. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   unarmed   and   ki-based attack   checks,   all   defense   checks,   checks   involving   physical   strength or stamina, and checks involving sheer speed. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever   your   refusal   to   take   things   seriously,   or   to   not   treat   a   threat   with   its   proper   gravity   creates   tension   with   your teammates or causes other problems, gain 1 XP . When   you   allow   an   enemy   to   escalate   a   fight   or   make   a   situation   more   dangerous   for   you   for   the   sake   of   the   challenge,   gain   3 XP . When a powerful enemy brings you to the brink of death but you manage to survive, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Turtle   Style   Martial   Arts:   You   have   trained   under   numerous   masters,   from   Master   Roshi   to   King   Kai,   and   have   become   a martial   arts   master   yourself.   You   can   manipulate   ki,   to   the   extent   that   you   can   throw   generic   blasts   of   pure   energy   as   a   ranged attack.   You   can   sense   ki   around   you,   allowing   you   to   detect   even   invisible   foes;   you   are   immune   to   the   status   effect   Blind .   Lastly, whenever you roll a 10 on any attack check, you may choose to inflict the status effect Challenge  on the target. LEVEL UP CHOICES After   Image   Technique:   You   are   able   to   move   incredibly   fast   in   short   bursts,   so   quickly   that   you   leave   behind   an   after   image. When   you   fully   defend   against   an   enemy’s   attack,   you   may   immediately   counter-attack   without   using   your   turn.   Your   enemy   is fooled   by   your   after   image,   and   you   rush   up   to   30   feet   to   make   a   melee   attack,   or   fire   a   ki   blast   from   up   to   30   feet   away.   If   you roll a 6 or higher on your counter-attack, shut this ability down. Flight:   You   can   channel   your   ki   to   lift   yourself   into   the   air,   attaining   flight.   You   can   fly   about   as   fast   as   you   normally   move   on   the ground. Instant   Transmission:   By   locking   onto   a   familiar   life   force,   you   can   then   teleport   to   the   individual’s   side.   You   can   use   Instant Transmission   as   a   side   action,   blinking   out   of   existence   and   reappearing   next   to   someone   you’ve   spent   time   with   and   become accustomed to the ki patterns of. You can use this technique over any distance. Kaio-ken:    You    have    mastered    a    powerful    and    dangerous    technique    developed    by    King    Kai.    Your    damage    and    speed    are increased;   however,   the   power   up   steadily   takes   a   toll   on   your   body.   You   can   activate   Kaio-ken   as   a   side   action,   and   de-activate   it as   a   main   action;   your   body   is   engulfed   with   red   energy.   You   roll   3d10   and   take   the   highest   on   all   attack   and   defense   checks,   and you can move twice as far per turn. However, every round you take 2 automatic damage, which cannot be raised or lowered. Kamehameha:    The   ultimate   technique   of   Turtle   Style   martial   arts,   and   one   that   Master   Roshi   took   fifty   years   to   develop.   You draw    a    great    deal    of    energy    into    the    palms    of    both    hands    before    firing    it    as    one    powerful    beam.    When    you    use    the Kamehameha,   treat   the   enemy’s   defense   as   though   it   were   2   lower   against   this,   and   the   next   attack   to   hit   the   same   target   (by anyone). You can push the target up to 15 feet backward. If you roll a 6 or higher on the attack check, shut this ability down. Spirit   Bomb:   Another   of   King   Kai’s   techniques,   you   spend   a   great   deal   of   time   charging   a   massive   ball   of   ki   in   the   sky,   drawing energy   from   all   the   life   forms   you   can   reach,   before   bringing   the   Spirit   Bomb   down   on   your   enemies.   You   must   spend   1   main action   charging   the   Spirit   Bomb,   and   cannot   take   any   side   actions   but   speaking   on   the   turn   you’re   charging   it.   On   the   next   turn you   can   attack   with   the   Spirit   Bomb.   Treat   the   attack   as   though   you   had   rolled   a   10   against   every   enemy   in   the   area,   and   treat their defense score as though it were 2 lower against this attack. Shut this ability down after it’s used the first time. Super   Saiyan:   You   are   able   to   ascend   to   a   more   powerful   form,   the   legendary   transformation   of   the   Saiyan   race.   Your   hair   turns gold   and   rises   toward   the   air,   and   your   resilience   increases   dramatically--it’s   like   you’re   a   whole   new   fighter.   However,   you   tend to   save   it   until   it’s   necessary.   You   can   go   Super   Saiyan   as   a   side   action;   you   immediately   gain   10   HP,   up   to   a   total   of   20   HP --double your   normal   capacity   until   the   end   of   combat.   If   you   have   more   than   10   HP   at   the   end   of   the   fight,   your   HP   total   is   dropped   back to 10. Shut this ability off the first time it’s used. You must have unlocked this ability to unlock the next one: Super   Saiyan   3:   You   have   achieved   the   most   powerful,   natural   state   of   a   Saiyan,   milking   your   biological   advantages   for   all they’re   worth.   However,   the   form   takes   an   immense   amount   of   energy   to   maintain,   so   you   typically   only   dip   into   it   for   brief moments   and   individual   attacks.   You   may   grant   yourself   a   +3   bonus   on   any   attack   check;   however,   if   you   roll   a   6   or   higher on an attack where you utilize Super Saiyan 3, shut it down.