HOVEL KNIGH  T Though   short   and   wielding   a   large   shovel   of   all   things,   Shovel   Knight   is nonetheless   a   brave   and   very   skilled   hero.   Practicing   the   ancient   art   of Shovelry,   Shovel   Knight’s   huge   shovel   is   just   as   dangerous   in   his   hands   as any   normal   sword   for   any   normal   knight.   Eager   to   help   and   never   shy   of battle,   Shovel   Knight   can   rarely   be   kept   down   for   long.   With   the   Great Collide,   Shovel   Knight   sets   off   into   the   new   world   to   lend   a   hand   where needed--and to try and find his old partner and greatest ally, Shield Knight. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    that    involve    digging, fishing, or scrounging for resources. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   with   a   shovel   or   one of    your    relics,    defense    checks    to    dodge    or    block,    checks    that    involve athleticism     (especially     running     and     jumping),     and     checks     to     gather information. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When your honesty, helpfulness, or other shovelrous traits cause tensions with your party or other problems, gain 1 XP . When you prove yourself to someone that underestimated you (likely due to your size or choice of weaponry), gain 3 XP . When you defeat a powerful villain in their own lair, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Shovel   Blade:    As   a   practitioner   of   Shovelry,   you   carry   a   Shovel   Blade--an   edged   and   indestructable   shovel.   While   it   can   be   swung like   a   conventional   sword,   you   can   also   leap   high   into   the   air,   bouncing   off   the   top   of   enemies   to   deal   damage   and   pass   them simultaneously.   When   you   are   at   full   health,   your   shovel   swings   can   launch   Drop   Sparks--a   wave   of   energy   that   skids   across   the ground,   allowing   you   to   attack   from   a   distance.   Lastly,   your   Shovel   Blade   can   be   charged   up   for   a   more   powerful   swing.   On   turns where   you’ve   moved   20   feet   or   less   and   taken   no   side   actions   (besides   speaking   or   moving),   roll   3d10   and   take   the   highest   result for an attack check with your Shovel Blade. LEVEL UP CHOICES Alchemy   Coin:   This   small,   strange   coin   looks   innocent,   but   is   actually   a   very   powerful   relic.   When   flicked   at   normal   rats,   bugs, and   other   pests,   it   transforms   them   into   gold   coins.   While   gold   coins   aren’t   a   universally    accepted   currency   in   the   new   reality, most   people   can   acknowledge   their   value--so   having   a   constant   supply   of   gold   coins   isn’t   too   shabby.   Further,   the   Alchemy   Coin always   returns   to   you,   eventually.   Roll   2d10   and   take   the   higher   for   any   checks   involving   bartering   or   shopping.   You   can   choose to   automatically   succeed   on   such   a   check,   even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   for   it;   when   you   do,   roll   1d10.   On   a   1-5,   shut   this   ability down. Dust   Knuckles:   These   large,   dirty   looking   gauntlets   were   originally   made   for   punching   through   dirt   and   gravel,   but   also   work perfectly   well   for   punching   through   bad   guys.   When   you   attack   with   the   Dust   Knuckles,   you   throw   a   punch   that   propels   you forward,   sliding   you   across   the   floor   about   20   feet.   You   force   your   way   past   any   enemies   in   your   path,   and   any   foes   that   come within   5   feet   of   you   during   this   travel   are   hit   by   the   attack   at   no   penalty.   You   are   immune   to   floor   spikes,   isolated   fires,   caltrops, and   other   environmental   hazards   or   rough   terrain   during   this   movement.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   an   attack   check   with   the Dust Knuckles, shut this ability down. Flare   Wand:   A   wand   that   conjures   fiery   blasts,   allowing   you   to   hurl   fireballs   from   a   distance.   The   Flare   Wand’s   blasts   get   a   +2 bonus   against   foes   weak   to   Fire.   You   can   also   choose   to   inflict   Burning    on   a   target   when   you   deal   them   damage   with   this,   but doing so shuts the ability off. Mobile   Gear:   You   carry   the   Mobile   Gear,   a   relic   of   ancient   technology   that   resembles   a   platform   with   a   spinning   gear   protruding from   it.   How   it   works,   what   powers   it,   and   how   you   manage   to   carry   it   on   your   person   without   it   hindering   you   or   being noticeable   are   all   great   mysteries.   When   you   stand   atop   the   platform   the   Mobile   Gear   will   carry   you;   it   takes   some   time   to accelerate,   but   eventually   reaches   the   speed   of   a   car,   and   can   cross   spikes   and   difficult   terrain   with   no   problems.   It   automatically jumps over small pits or short obstacles. You can retrieve it as a main action or stash it away as a side action. Phase   Locket:   This   powerful   relic   allows   you   to   phase   out   of   existence,   briefly   becoming   intangible   to   enemies.   When   an   attack would   deal   you   damage,   you   can   choose   to   nullify   that   damage   entirely,   your   body   simply   phasing   through   the   offending maneuver. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Propeller   Dagger:   This   odd   dagger   has   a   guard   not   unlike   a   propeller,   which   can   spin   rapidly   at   will   for   brief   periods.   While   it may   not   seem   like   it,   its   magic   lets   the   dagger   carry   even   your   impressive   weight.   The   Propeller   Dagger   lets   you   soar   straight forward   above   the   ground--simply   leap   and   thrust   forward,   and   you   will   launch   through   the   air.   Attacking   in   this   fashion   gives you   a   +2   bonus   against   flying,   levitating,   or   otherwise   airborne   foes,   and   a   +2   bonus   on   checks   that   involve   jumping.   You   can   also use it to automatically succeed on a jumping-related check (even if you’ve already rolled), but doing this shuts the ability down. Troupple   Chalice:   You   carry   a   Troupple   Chalice,   a   mystical   cup   granted   by   the   Troupple   King   himself.   You   typically   keep   it   filled with   Ichor   of   Renewal,   a   likewise   magical   drink   that   restores   one’s   health.   As   a   side   action,   you   can   drink   from   the   Troupple Chalice   or   prompt   an   ally   within   5   feet   of   you   to   drink   from   it.   When   drank,   the   imbiber   rolls   2d10   and   recovers   the   higher outcome in HP. Shut this ability down after use. War   Horn:   You   carry   the   War   Horn,   a   musical   instrument   whose   sound   harms   all   within   its   range.   When   you   use   the   War   Horn to   attack,   you   attack   every   enemy   in   the   area   at   no   penalty.   Roll   a   3d10   and   take   the   highest   outcome   for   this   attack   check.   The enemies   are   all   also   stunned--they   can   still   act,   but   cannot   move   from   where   they   are   until   the   start   of   your   next   turn.   Shut   this ability down after use.