AMUS ARA  N Born   on   Earth   colony   K-2L,   Samus   as   orphaned   after   Space   Pirates   raided   the   colony. Samus    was    then    raised    by    the    Chozo,    bird-like    aliens    with    ancient    wisdom    and incredible    technology.    She    spent    some    time    working    for    the    Galactic    Federation’s police   force,   but   eventually   struck   out   on   her   own   to   become   a   bounty   hunter.   With   an advanced   Power   Suit   and   otherworldly   experience,   Samus   Aran   has   achieved   goals and   taken   down   villains   the   rest   of   the   universe   thought   impossible--including   dealing with    the    likes    of    Metroids    and    X-Parasites.    With    the    new,    amalgamated    universe sprawled   out   in   front   of   her,   Samus   wants   to   continue   keeping   it   safe   from   biological weapons and the sort of ruthless slavers that killed her parents. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    involving    general    mechanical    or electrical   knowledge,   checks   involving   police   or   military   conduct   and   regulations,   and checks for adapting to alien cultures. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with   ranged   energy weapons   or   explosives,   defense   checks   against   energy-based   attacks,   checks   involving athletics    or    acrobatics,    checks    to    hack    or    repair    electronics    (including    locks    and security   systems),   checks   to   gather   information,   checks   to   track   someone,   checks   to navigate   a   labyrinth   or   in   outer   space,   and   checks   to   pilot,   repair,   navigate   or   help   run a ship. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When   your   narrow,   undeterrable   focus   on   dealing   with   a   target   causes   tensions   with   your   party   or   leads   you   into   trouble,   gain   1 XP . When you get revenge and do something heroic at the same time, gain 3 XP . When you think an enemy is dead or a group is defeated but it turns out you have unfinished business, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Varia   Suit:    You   wear   advanced   and   heavily   modified   armor   designed   by   the   Chozo.   You   are   immune   to   the   effects   of   extreme heat   and   cold   (though   not   damage   from   Fire   or   Cold   based   attacks).   You   have   gravity   balancing   systems   that   let   you   move   and maintain   stable   footing   regardless   of   gravity,   even   underwater.   Going   with   that,   your   suit   has   oxygen   supplying   features   that allow   you   to   survive   indefinitely   in   airless   environments.   The   suit   filters   out   toxins   in   the   air,   rendering   you   immune   to   Poison   status   if   it   isn’t   induced   by   damage.   Lastly,   your   suit   is   equipped   with   a   configurable   Arm   Cannon,   which   by   default   fires condensed   balls   of   energy.   You   can   turn   the   suit   “on”   or   “off”   as   a   main   action;   it   disappears   or   reappears   in   a   flash   of   light. However, you lose access to your abilities when the suit is “down.” LEVEL UP CHOICES Augmented    Strength:    Your    suit    grants    you    immense    strength.    You    may    may    lift    an    object    regardless    of    its    weight,    or automatically   succeed   on   any   test   of   strength   or   similar   physical   feat   (even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   for   it).   After   you   use   this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability off. Charge   Beam:   Your   Arm   Cannon’s   default   option   has   been   upgraded.   If   you   take   no   side   actions   during   your   turn   (aside   from moving), you may roll 3d10 and take the highest result on attack checks with your normal beam instead of the usual 2d10. Grapple   Beam:   You   can   fire   a   30   foot   tethering   energy   line   from   your   Arm   Cannon.   This   can   be   used   as   a   side   action   to   pull small   objects   to   you,   to   pull   an   enemy   up   to   15   feet   toward   you,   or   to   grapple   yourself   toward   larger   objects   in   an   instant.   You can   also   give   or   take   energy   via   your   tether;   if   you   use   the   Grapple   Beam   to   attack,   you   can   force   electricity   through   the   line, gaining   +2   against   enemies   weak   to   Electricity.   You   can   siphon   energy   via   the   grapple,   recovering   in   HP   whatever   damage   you deal with the tether--however, this shuts the ability down. Ice   Beam:   You   can   modify   the   blasts   from   your   Arm   Cannon   to   deal   Cold   damage,   gaining   a   +2   bonus   against   enemies   weak   to Cold   (but   a   -2   against   enemies   that   aren’t).   If   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack   check   with   the   Ice   Beam,   you   also   inflict   Freezing   status. You may also choose to inflict Freezing without rolling a 10, but this shuts the Ice Beam down. Morph   Ball:   Using   bizarre   Chozo   technology,   you   are   able   to   tuck   your   entire   body   into   a   sphere   about   two   and   a   half   feet   in diameter.   You   travel   by   rolling   in   this   state,   and   thanks   to   some   slight   tweaks,   you   are   able   to   roll   straight   up   walls   and   along ceilings.   You   can   scale   even   the   flattest   surfaces   at   the   same   speed   you   normally   move.   Turning   into   the   Morph   Ball   or   back   is   a side   action;   while   in   the   Morph   Ball   form,   you   cannot   access   your   other   abilities.   While   in   the   Morph   Ball   form,   you   are   able   to deploy   small,   round   explosives   to   attack--the   explosion   is   fairly   contained,   but   because   you   are   immune   to   the   damage   from   it, you can use it to propel your Morph Ball form into the air. Reserve   Tank:   Your   suit   carries   emergency   energy   in   the   event   that   the   suit’s   main   shielding   is   depleted.   When   you   reach   0   HP, roll 2d10 and recover the higher outcome as HP. Shut this ability down after use. Screw   Attack:   One   of   the   most   powerful   functions   of   your   Varia   Suit,   the   Screw   Attack   allows   you   to   vent   energy   from   key   points on   your   suit   while   somersaulting   through   the   air.   In   short,   it   turns   you   into   a   buzzsaw   of   focused   energy.   You   may   roll   2d10   and take   the   higher   on   melee   attack   checks.   When   you   use   the   Screw   Attack   against   airborne   foes,   you   gain   a   +2   bonus   on   the   attack check.   Lastly,   you   can   use   the   Screw   Attack   to   awkwardly   fly--you   are   technically   capable   of   somersaulting   forever,   though   it’s   not very graceful in action. You can “fly” about half as fast as you normally move in combat. Super   Missile:   You   carry   a   stock   of   Super   Missiles,   which   deal   a   contained   explosion   and   high   damage   upon   impact.   When   you use   the   Super   Missile,   treat   the   enemy’s   defense   as   though   it   were   2   lower   against   this,   and   the   next   attack   made   against   the same   target   (by   anyone).   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   attack   check,   shut   this   ability   down.   You   must   have   this   ability   to   take   the next one: Seeker    Missiles:    An    upgrade    to    your    Super    Missiles,    you    may    lock    on    and    fire    Super    Missiles    at    multiple    enemies simultaneously,   with   the   Missiles   homing   in   on   their   respective   targets.   You   may   make   an   attack   against   up   to   5   different targets   as   a   main   action,   with   the   same   benefits   as   the   normal   Super   Missile   attack   against   each.   However,   shut   this   AND Super   Missile   down   after   using   Seeker   Missiles.   You   cannot   use   Seeker   Missiles   if   Super   Missile   has   already   been   shut down. Visor   Upgrade:   You   have   a   heavily   upgraded   visor,   allowing   you   to   see   in   thermal   vision   and   soundwaves,.   You   also   have   an   X- Ray   upgrade   to   your   visor,   allowing   you   to   see   a   short   distance   through   solid   objects.   Aside   from   allowing   you   to   see   hidden passageways,   invisible   enemies   and   through   most   technology-based   illusions   (holograms,   etc),   this   makes   you   immune   to   Blind status.   Finally,   your   visor   has   a   scan   function;   this   grants   you   a   +2   bonus   on   any   checks   to   recognize   or   understand   creatures, technology, locations, and visible phenomena.