OL  L --- CHECKS Roll 3d10  and take the highest result for ----. Roll 2d10 and take the highest result for ----. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever you ---- gain 1 XP . When ----, gain 3 XP . Whenever ---- gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Roll Swing: Deflect projectiles? LEVEL UP CHOICES Copy Vision: Makes a copy of Roll? Eddie Gift: Summon Eddie to drop life energy (health), weapon energy (restores a tapped ability), Energy   Balancer:   Activate   as   a   side   action,   lasts   til   end   of   battle.   Reduce   the   number   of   outcomes   that   could   shut   down   abilities by   1,   to   a   minimum   of   1.   So,   if   an   ability   normally   shuts   down   on   1-5,   it   now   shuts   down   on   1-4.   If   a   damaging   ability   normally shuts down on a 6-10, it now shuts down on 7-10. Flash Stopper: Blinds all enemies Hornet   Chaser:   Studying   Mega   Man’s   old   hard   drives,   you   found   this   weapon   dropped   by   Hornet   Man.   As   a   side   action,   you   can fire   a   mechanical   hornet   from   your   arm   cannon.   The   hornet   does   no   damage   and   is   useless   as   a   weapon;   however,   it   is   a   flying drone   you   can   control   mentally   and   perceive   through,   and   it’s   able   to   pick   up   and   carry   anything   that   isn’t   much   bigger   than itself. Star   Crash:   A   leftover   weapon   from   Rock’s   battle   with   Star   Man,   you   can   activate   the   Star   Crash   as   a   side   action.   You,   and   any allies   within   10   feet   of   you,   are   surrounded   with   a   golden   light;   while   in   the   glow,   you   all   gain   +2   on   defense   checks   against ranged   attacks   made   from   outside   the   light.   You   project   this   light   until   the   end   of   combat.   After   you   use   the   Star   Crash,   roll   1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Thunder   Bolt   (or   Spark   Shot?):    You’ve   discovered   data   on   battles   you…   frankly   can’t   recall,   but   at   some   point   your   brother gained   this   weapon   from   a   robot   named   Cloud   Man.   When   you   use   this   weapon,   you   launch   a   ball   of   slow   moving   electricity from   your   arm   cannon.   You   take   -2   on   attack   checks   with   this   weapon;   however,   the   ball   travels   straight   through   walls,   produces an   immense   amount   of   light,   and   grants   enough   power   to   kickstart   machines   that   have   ran   dry.   And,   of   course,   it   deals   Electrical damage. (if you decide to switch to Spark Shock, have it inflict System Shock) Water Wave: Acts an energy-stopping barrier that moves forward