UIG  I The   brother   of   the   famous   Mario,   Luigi   has   spent   most   of   his   life   living   in   his   sibling’s shadow.   Though   timid,   often   to   the   point   of   cowardice,   Luigi   is   also   perfectly   capable   of overcoming   that   fear   when   need   be.   He   has   saved   the   Mushroom   Kingdom   (and   the   rest of   his   world)   almost   as   many   times   as   Mario,   even   if   he   doesn’t   get   quite   as   much   credit. Indeed,    while    Mario    is    a    celebrity    and    a    hero,    very    few    citizens    of    the    Mushroom Kingdom   even   seem   to   recognize   Luigi.   With   the   Great   Collide   turning   everything   upside down,   Luigi   hopes   to   strike   out,   make   a   name   for   himself,   and   be   a   hero   on   his   own   two feet--not just riding the coattails of his older brother. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   that   involve   plumbing,   construction, writing, or gambling. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   defense   checks   to   avoid   or   dodge,   checks   that involve    general    athleticism    or    acrobatics,    checks    to    navigate    a    labyrinth    (especially sewage   systems   and   the   like),   checks   to   hide   or   be   stealthy,   checks   to   build   or   repair machines    or    engines,    checks    to    drive    a    land-based    vehicle,    and    checks    of    general intellect. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever your fear, clumsiness, or general awkwardness holds you back, gain 1 XP . When you have a great accomplishment ignored, or someone else takes credit for your success, gain 3 XP . When you overcome your fear and defeat a powerful foe that utterly terrifies you, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Player   Two:   Though   known   for   living   in   the   shadow   of   others,   you’re   a   competent   leading   man   in   your   own   right.   When someone   succeeds   on   a   check   that   involves   running,   jumping,   climbing,   or   swimming,   you   may   immediately   follow   up   by automatically   succeeding   at   the   same   task--following   in   their   footsteps   perfectly.   It   works   the   other   way   around,   as   well;   when you   (manually)   succeed   on   a   check   to   run,   jump,   swim,   or   climb,   you   may   choose   a   nearby   ally   and   let   them   automatically succeed at the same task, following in  your footsteps. LEVEL UP CHOICES Frog   Suit:   When   the   task   calls   for   it,   you   can   bust   out   a   form-fitting   Frog   Suit   as   a   side   action.   While   wearing   the   Frog   Suit   your land   speed   is   halved,   but   you   swim   with   perfect   grace   and   agility,   can   breathe   underwater,   and   swim   twice   as   fast   as   you normally run. You can switch out of the Frog Suit as a side action, as well. Gameboy   Horror:    You   possess   the   Gameboy   Horror,   a   handheld   device   invented   by   the   scientist   E.   Gadd.   The   Gameboy   Horror acts   as   a   communication   device;   it   can   tap   into   local   networks   (cell   phone,   radio,   etc.),   allowing   you   to   talk   with   those   that   have cell   phones   or   other   devices.   It   acts   as   a   scanner   and   a   digital   archive,   granting   you   a   +2   on   checks   to   identify   or   recognize creatures,   objects,   and   phenomena.   Lastly,   it   acts   as   a   translator,   allowing   you   to   speak   and   understand   any   language   you encounter. Mini   Mushroom:   You   collect   Mini   Mushrooms,   which   are   dark   blue   fungi   with   white   spots.   When   you   eat   a   Mini   Mushroom   as   a main   action,   you   shrink   to   about   six   inches   tall.   You   take   a   -3   penalty   on   all   attack   checks,   but   get   a   +3   bonus   on   all   defense checks--as   you   are   very   small,   and   very,   very   hard   to   hit.   The   effects   of   a   Mini   Mushroom   last   until   you   choose   to   discard   them   as another main action, or until you take damage. After you use a Mini Mushroom, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Thunderhand:   They   don’t   call   you   the   Green   Thunder   for   nothing.   You   can   add   an   electrical   element   to   your   physical   strikes, gaining   a   +2   bonus   against   enemies   weak   to   Electricity.   Your   touch   can   also   conduct   energy   to   machines,   powering   them   up   if they’ve   ran   out   of   juice.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack   check   with   Thunderhand,   you   may   inflict   the   target   with   System   Shock --but if you do this, shut the ability down. Poltergust   5000:   A   vacuum   pack   invented   by   the   brilliant   E.   Gadd,   you   are   well   acquainted   with   its   use.   As   a   side   action,   you   can pull   up   to   3   enemies   within   10   feet   of   each   other   up   to   15   feet   toward   you.   You   can,   alternatively,   focus   the   vacuum   effect   to suck   items   straight   to   you   from   a   distance--even   pulling   up   to   one   item   per   side   action   right   off   an   enemy,   or   sucking   it   out   of their   pocket,   essentially   stealing   an   item   of   choice.   Lastly,   you   can   use   the   Poltergust   as   a   weapon   against   ghosts,   phantoms, illusions,   vapors,   and   other   incorporeal   or   gaseous   beings,   gaining   a   +2   bonus   on   attack   checks   made   against   those   without bodies. If you attack a possessed target with the Poltergust, you force the possessing spirit out of the subject. Polterpup:   During   the   course   of   your   adventures,   you   have   befriended   a   Polterpup--a   ghost   that   is   also   a   dog.   Your   Polterpup follows   standard   follower   rules;   it   has   3   HP,   and   rolls   2d10   on   checks   to   notice   things,   track   creatures,   find   hidden   passages   or entrances, and search for particular items. If it drops to 0 HP, your Polterpup will vanish, only to return when you take a full rest. Strobulb:    More   than   just   a   flashlight   (though   it   is   also   a   flashlight),   the   Strobulb’s   light   reveals   invisible   foes,   recent   footprints, and   sees   through   illusions.   You   can   also   power   up   the   Strobulb,   making   its   light   brighter   for   an   intense   flash.   As   a   side   action, you   may   inflict   Blind    on   an   enemy   within   10   feet;   when   you   use   this   aspect   of   the   Strobulb,   roll   1d10.   On   a   1-5,   shut   the   whole ability down. Stuffwell:   An   extradimensional   suitcase   invented   by   E.   Gadd,   Stuffwell   has   infinite   space.   As   long   as   you   can   manage   to   cram   it into   the   suitcase,   it   will   fit,   and   you   can   retrieve   anything   from   within   Stuffwell   as   a   side   action.   You   also   keep   a   lot   of   useless   junk in   there.   Whenever   you   need   a   non-magical,   non-unique   item   (like   handcuffs,   a   sketch   pad,   a   smaller   briefcase,   etc)   you   may simply declare that you have one. After you use this aspect of the ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this aspect of Stuffwell down. Vanish   Cap:   You   have   a   magic   hat,   which   looks   incredibly   similar   to   your   normal   hat.   You   can   swap   your   regular   hat   for   the Vanish   Cap   as   a   side   action;   when   you   do,   you   gain    Invisible    status.   You   are   guaranteed   Invisibility   for   3   rounds,   including   the one   you   put   the   hat   on   in;   at   the   start   of   every   round   after   that,   roll   1d10.   On   a   1-5,   you   become   visible   again.   You   can   also simply choose to become visible. In either case, shut this ability down.