IN  K The   hero   of   Hyrule,   Link   in   some   form   is   reincarnated   when   needed   thanks   to the   power   of   the   mystical   Triforce.   He’s   noble,   brave,   and   a   gifted   fighter,   if   a little    quiet    at    times.    With    Hyrule    fractured,    Link    is    now    a    knight    without    a kingdom.   He   wanders   the   new   amalgam   of   worlds,   seeking   wrongs   to   be   righted and evils to be faced. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   scrounge   for   resources, checks   to   understand   or   learn   to   use   a   weapon   or   artifact,   and   understand ancient devices and technologies. Roll    2d10    and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to    navigate    dungeons    or labyrinths,    navigate    wildnerness,    notice    traps    and    hidden    passages,    attack checks   made   with   melee   weapons   or   a   bow,   and   checks   to   dodge   or   block attacks and hazards. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever   you   go   out   of   your   way   to   help   someone   in   need--even   if   you   have nothing to gain from it--gain 1 XP . When   a   small   task   sidetracks   you   from   your   main   goal   for   a   significant   amount   of   time   or   ends   up   taking   a   great   deal   of resources, gain 3 XP . Whenever you slay, banish, or seal away a great force of evil, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Master   Sword:   You   possess   the   sword   of   evil’s   bane,   the   legendary   Master   Sword.   When   you   attack   an   enemy   that’s   undead, demonic,   or   pure   evil,   roll   3d10   and   take   the   highest.   Your   sword   glows   in   the   presence   of   such   enemies.   Once   per   fight,   you   may attack   however   many   enemies   are   within   5   feet   of   you   at   no   penalty,   hitting   them   all   with   a   powerful   spin   slash.   Lastly,   when   you are   full   health   you   can   attack   from   a   distance,   launching   beams   from   your   sword.   This   is   still   considered   swordplay,   and   you   roll for it as though it were a melee sword attack. LEVEL UP CHOICES Bomb   Bag:   You   possess   a   magically   replenishing   bag   of   bombs.   These   round   explosives   are   slightly   smaller   than   a   basketball, and   their   fuses   are   lit   the   moment   they’re   pulled   from   the   bag.   You   can   pull   and   plant   one   bomb   as   a   side   action,   and   it   will explode   in   10   seconds   (or   at   the   start   of   your   next   traditional   turn,   if   you   are   in   combat).   Your   bombs   explode   in   a   roughly   10   by 10   foot   square,   and   you   may   make   a   free   attack   (2d10,   take   the   higher)   against   anything   caught   in   the   blast   radius   at   no   penalty. If you roll a 6 or higher on an attack check with a bomb, shut this ability down. Fairy   Companion:   You   have   a   fairy   companion   who   can   help   you   identify   monsters   and   other   things   you   encounter.   Roll   2d10 and   take   the   highest   on   any   checks   to   identify   a   creature,   technology,   architecture,   or   unusual   phenomena   you   encounter.   Your fairy can also save you from death. Once per full rest when you reach 0 HP, roll 1d10 and recover that much HP. Gale   Boomerang:   You   have   a   boomerang,   which   manifests   a   small   tornado   while   in   mid-air.   The   boomerang   will   always   return to   your   hand   at   the   end   of   your   turn,   even   if   you   move   from   where   you   threw   it.   As   a   side   action,   you   can   throw   this   boomerang up   to   30   feet.   The   boomerang   can   snatch   one   unattended   item   up   to   slightly   larger   than   the   boomerang   itself,   and   drag   it   back to   you.   If   you   use   the   boomerang   to   attack   (as   a   main   action)   and   successfully   deal   damage,   you   may   snatch   one   item   from   the target and bring it back to you. Goron   Tunic:   You   have   acquired   the   Goron’s   Tunic,   a   red   outfit   that’s   made   to   withstand   heat.   You   gain   +2   on   defense   checks against Fire based attacks, and are immune to the effects of extreme heat and the status effect Burning . Hero’s   Bow:   You   have   obtained   the   Hero’s   Bow,   and   possess   a   variety   of   different   arrows.   When   you   attack   with   your   bow,   you may   choose   to   use   regular   arrows,   flaming   arrows   (+2   damage   against   foes   weak   to   Fire,   and   can   light   things   on   fire   from   a distance),   ice   arrows   (+2   damage   against   foes   weak   to   Cold,   and   can   freeze   small   surfaces   from   a   distance),   or   shock   arrows   (+2 damage against foes weak to Electricity). Hookshot:   You   have   found   the   Hookshot,   an   ancient   and   useful   device.   It   works   like   a   high   powered   grappling   hook,   firing   a chain   up   to   50   feet   and   pulling   you   toward   whatever   the   hook   at   the   end   connects   with.   You   are   pulled   to   your   destination instantly   and   easily--if   the   hook   can   reach   it,   so   can   you.   The   Hookshot   can   grab   onto   anything   (or   anyone)   heavier   than   you   are, even hooking sheer surfaces. Mirror   Shield:   You   have   acquired   the   Mirror   Shield,   the   reflective   surface   of   which   can   repel   energy   attacks.   Whenever   you completely   defend   against   an   attack   (that   is,   you   take   no   damage   from   it),   you   can   choose   to   bounce   that   damage   back   at   your attacker or at a different enemy, rolling 1d10 as though it were a normal attack (though it does not use up your turn). Power   Bracelet:   You   own   a   magical   bracelet   that   imbues   you   with   incredible   strength.   You   gain   +2   on   checks   that   are   strictly based   on   physical   strength.   You   may   also   automatically   succeed   on   any   test   of   strength   or   similar   physical   feat,   or   lift   an   object regardless of its weight--but this aspect of the ability is shut down after one use. Triforce   of   Courage:   You   are   immune   to   any   effects   or   abilities   that   would   influence   your   emotions,   including   those   that   induce or cause damage through madness or confusion. This includes status effects like Charm,   Fear  or Rage . Zora   Scale:   You   possess   an   enchanted   Zora   Scale.   With   it,   you   may   swim   as   fast   and   as   gracefully   as   a   fish,   and   breathe underwater with no difficulty.