IRB  Y Kirby    is    a    small,    pink    creature    from    the    world    of    Dream    Land.    Though somewhat    child-like,    he’s    a    very    brave    and    cheerful    hero    that’s    saved    his friends   many   times   over.   Though   mostly   innocent,   he   does   have   an   incredible appetite   and   is   a   bit   of   a   glutton.   While   he   may   not   look   all   that   intimidating, Kirby   also   conceals   an   astounding   power:   the   power   to   consume   his   foes   and imitate   their   abilities,   with   Kirby   taking   on   different   physical   forms   based   on what   he’s   eaten.   After   the   Great   Collide,   Kirby   is   adventuring,   looking   for   new things to experience while keeping the world a good place to live. CHECKS Roll 3d10  and take the highest result for checks to cook. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   defense   checks   to   dodge   or   avoid, attack   checks   made   by   spitting   bad   guys   at   other   bad   guys,   checks   involving running,    jumping,    or    swimming,    checks    to    ride    animals,    and    checks    to navigate outer space or worldless voids. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you make a new friend, gain 1 XP . When   you   get   to   experience   a   great   joy   you’ve   never   had   before--visiting   an   alien   theme   park,   enjoying   a   new   world’s   best cuisine, hearing a new style of music, etc--gain 3 XP . Whenever you save the sanctity of peoples’ minds, dreams, or their ability to have wishes come true, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Inhale:   You   can   pull   enemies   into   your   mouth,   then   either   launch   them   at   other   foes   or   swallow   them   to   gain   their   powers. When   an   enemy   drops   to   0   HP   within   10   feet   of   you,   you   may   immediately   suck   them   into   your   mouth.   If   you   have   a   defeated enemy   in   your   mouth,   you   can   use   a   main   action   to   turn   them   into   a   non-elemental   star   and   launch   them   as   a   2d10   (take   the higher)   attack.   You   can   also   swallow   an   enemy   in   your   mouth   at   any   time,   even   if   it’s   not   your   turn.   Either   move   will   destroy   the remains   of   the   victim.   Your   Level   Up   Choices    are   all   alternate   forms;   if   you   swallow   an   enemy   equating   to   a   form   you’ve unlocked,   you   take   on   that   form   and   assume   the   listed   powers.   You   can   only   possess   one   such   form   at   a   time;   if   you   swallow   a new   enemy,   the   new   form   overrides   the   old   one.   If   you   swallow   an   enemy   equating   to   a   form   you   haven’t   unlocked   yet,   nothing happens.   If   an   enemy   could   qualify   as   fitting   two   or   more   forms,   choose   one.   Your   form   lasts   until   you   decide   to   stop   having   it--it will persist even through a full rest. Lastly,   you   can   inhale   a   large   amount   of   air   and   flap   your   arms   to   fly   for   brief   periods.   You   fly   about   as   fast   as   you   normally   move in combat, but can only fly for 10 seconds (or 1 combat round) at a time before tumbling out of the air. LEVEL UP CHOICES Animal   Kirby:   To   become   Animal   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   an   animal   or   natural   beast.   You   gain   an   outfit   that resembles   a   bear   or   wolf.   While   Animal   Kirby,   you   roll   2d10   on   checks   to   notice   things   or   checks   involving   your   senses.   Your sense   of   smell   is   enhanced,   as   well,   letting   you   roll   2d10   for   checks   to   track   someone   and   making   you   immune   to   Blind .   You   can dig   through   dirt,   sand,   gravel,   and   snow   at   about   the   pace   you   can   normally   move   in   combat,   burrowing   a   tunnel   in   your   wake. You can also climb walls with your claws, scaling even sheer surfaces with little effort. Beam   Kirby:   In   order   to   become   Beam   Kirby,   you   must   use   your   Inhale   ability   on   a   foe   that   practices   magic   (Magikoopas, Summoners,   etc),   heavily   relies   on   non-elemental   spells,   or   relies   heavily   on   laser   or   plasma   weapons.   You   gain   a   two-sided jester-like   hat   and   a   magic   wand.   You   can   fire   star   blasts   over   a   large   distance,   or   lash   out   with   a   whip-like   chain   of   stars   to   attack up   to   2   targets   at   no   penalty   within   15   feet.   Your   beams   and   stars   gain   +2   against   foes   weak   to   Electricity,   and   you   gain   +1   on   all defense   checks   against   magic.   You   can   also   use   your   stars   like   a   grappling   hook,   grabbing   onto   small   items   within   30   feet   and pulling them to you, or pulling yourself straight to larger objects. Beetle   Kirby:   To   become   Beetle   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   a   bug.   You   gain   a   big,   sharp   beetle   horn,   which   can   be used   to   skewer   or   slice.   You   also   gain   bug-like   wings,   which   allow   you   to   fly   about   as   fast   as   you   can   run.   When   you   roll   a   1-5   on   a melee   attack   check,   you   may   launch   the   target   into   the   air,   rendering   them   airborne   until   the   start   of   their   turn   (and   vulnerable to   abilities   that   capitalize   on   that)   or   throwing   them   up   to   15   feet   in   any   direction.   You   also   gain   incredible   strength,   and   roll   2d10 (take the higher) on checks of athleticism, physical strength, or stamina in this form. Bomb   Kirby:   To   become   Bomb   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   a   machine   or   heavily   utilizes   mechanical   armor   or weapons   (including   traditional   guns   and,   well,   bombs).   You   gain   a   pointed   hat   and   the   power   to   conjure   big,   round   bombs.   You can   pull   and   toss   one   bomb   as   a   side   action,   and   it   will   explode   in   10   seconds   (or   at   the   start   of   your   next   traditional   turn,   if   you are   in   combat).   Your   bombs   explode   in   a   roughly   10   foot   radius,   and   you   may   make   a   free   attack   (2d10,   take   the   higher)   against anything caught in the blast radius at no penalty. You may also roll 2d10 on checks to disarm bombs or traps while in this form. Doctor   Kirby:   To   become   Doctor   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   a   scientist,   an   enemy   that’s   a   blob   or   slime,   or   an enemy   that’s   been   biologically   engineered   or   modified   but   doesn’t   fall   into   a   different   category   (such   as   Resident   Evil-style zombies).   You   gain   a   doctor’s   coat   and   glasses.   In   this   form   you   can   throw   large   pills   over   a   distance,   which   bounce   off   of   walls but   burst   on   contact   with   enemies.   You   can   also   throw   a   healing   pill   at   an   ally   as   a   side   action;   a   healing   pill   will   either   remove Poison  status, or heal 2 HP, at your choice. You roll 2d10 for checks involving biology, chemistry, or medicine in this form. Fighter   Kirby:   To   become   Fighter   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   a   skilled   unarmed   fighter   (a   martial   artist,   a   wrestler,   a boxer,   etc).   You   gain   a   bright   red   headband   with   a   star   on   the   front.   While   in   this   form   you   can   fire   chi   blasts   over   a   distance,   and you   are   able   to   detect   chi   up   to   30   feet   away;   you   are   immune   to   Blind    in   this   form.      When   you   fully   defend   against   any   sort   of attack,   you   may   immediately   rush   up   to   30   feet   to   make   a   melee   counter-attack   without   using   your   turn.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   a melee   attack   check,   you   can   follow   up   with   a   backdrop   that   moves   the   target   to   a   different   spot   within   5   feet   of   you   and   stuns the foe; they can still act, but cannot move from where they are until the start of your next turn. Fire   Kirby:   In   order   to   become   Fire   Kirby,   you   must   use   your   Inhale    ability   on   a   foe   with   a   strong   affinity   for   fire   (creatures   made of   fire,   creatures   that   breathe   fire,   etc),   or   a   demon   that   doesn’t   fit   into   a   different   category.   You   gain   a   small   crown,   and   fire emits   from   the   top   of   your   head.   While   in   this   form   you   receive   +2   on   defense   checks   against   Fire   based   attacks,   and   are immune   to   extreme   heat   and   Burning    status.   Enemies   that   make   melee   attacks   against   you   automatically   take   1   damage,   and you   are   able   to   rush   forward   like   a   fireball   to   deal   +2   against   foes   weak   to   Fire.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   any   attack   checks   in   this   form, you may inflict Burning  status. Lastly, as a side action, you may cure all allies within 10 feet of you (and you) of Freezing  status. Leaf   Kirby:   To   become   Leaf   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   a   plant.   You   gain   a   crown   full   of   leaves   that   sprout   from   your head   in   all   directions.   In   this   form,   you   can   throw   razor   sharp   leaves   to   attack   enemies   from   a   distance.   You   also   roll   2d10   on checks   that   involving   hiding   or   stealth   while   in   this   mode.   You   can   collapse   into   a   pile   of   leaves   as   a   main   action,   which camouflages   you   (even   if   the   environment   is   inappropriate   for   such);   you   cannot   move   or   act   while   in   this   state,   but   you   are treated   as   though   you’re   Invisible ,   and   can   return   to   normal   as   a   side   action.   Lastly,   you   can   perform   an   intricate   leaf   dance   as   a side action; leaves swirl around you in a massive vortex. All enemies within 30 feet are pulled 10 feet closer to you. Mirror   Kirby:   To   become   Mirror   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   made   of   ice   or   has   a   strong   affinity   for   cold,   or   an enemy   that’s   a   ghost,   illusion,   or   phantom   of   some   kind.   You   gain   a   blue-and-violet   jester   hat,   and   a   wand   with   a   crystal   tip.   In this   form,   you   receive   +2   on   defense   checks   against   Cold   based   damage   and   are   immune   to   extreme   cold.   You   can   fire   glassy blades   from   your   wand,   which   receive   +2   on   attack   checks   against   foes   weak   to   Cold.   When   you   fully   defend   against   an   energy based   attack   (such   as   magic   or   lasers),   you   may   counter-attack,   creating   a   brief   mirror   to   launch   the   attack   back   at   its   originator or   at   a   different   target.   Lastly,   you   may   create   a   copy   of   yourself   as   a   side   action.   Your   copy   acts   as   a   Follower   and   uses   your stats, but can only access Mirror Kirby form and only has 1 HP. You may only have one such copy at a time. Stone   Kirby:   To   become   Stone   Kirby,   you   must   Inhale    an   enemy   that’s   mostly   made   of   rock,   bone,   cement,   or   other   tough materials.   You   gain   a   +2   on   all   defense   checks   in   this   form,   and   you   are   too   heavy   to   be   moved;   any   abilities   that   would   push, pull,   or   launch   you   do   not   affect   you.   You   are   immune   to   Poison    and   Burning    status   in   this   state.   As   a   main   action,   you   may   leap into   the   air   and   slam   yourself   into   the   ground;   all   enemies   in   the   general   vicinity   in   contact   with   the   ground   are   stunned.   They can   still   act,   but   cannot   move   for   10   seconds   (or   until   the   start   of   your   next   turn).   Allies   within   5   feet   of   you   gain   a   +1   on   defense checks, as they can duck and weave behind your stoneyness. Sword   Kirby:   To   become   Sword   Kirby,   you   must   use   your   Inhale    ability   on   a   foe   that’s   a   blade-based   fighter   (such   as   a swordsman,   a   ninja,   a   knight,   etc)   or   has   prominent   blades   or   edges.   You   gain   a   long,   green   hat   and   a   fancy   sword.   Once   per fight,   you   may   attack   however   many   enemies   are   within   5   feet   of   you   at   no   penalty,   hitting   them   all   with   a   powerful   spin   slash. You   roll   2d10   on   attack   checks   made   with   your   sword,   and   you   may   inflict   Challenge    status   on   foes   you   deal   damage   to.   You   are immune to Fear in this form.