OKE  R Though   the   world   knew   him   only   as   a   transfer   student to    Shujin    Academy,    this    prisoner    of    fate--through happenstance    and    the    power    of    the    Velvet    Room-- came    to    be    the    leader    of    the    Phantom    Thieves    of Hearts,   known   to   his   allies   as   Joker.   Operating   from   the shadows,    Joker    helped    undo    the    shackles    of    society and    change    the    outlook    of    mankind    by    touching peoples’   hearts…   and   through   a   long   series   of   heists. Quiet   but   witty,   snarky   but   thoughtful,   with   the   power of    Persona    Joker    has    had    battles    and    dealings    with demons   and   gods   alike,   as   all   lie   in   the   subconsious   of man.   With   the   Great   Collide   taking   away   his   Wild   Card power,    Joker    is    left    with    only    his    original    Persona, Arsene.    Joker    looks    for    answers,    and    to    change    the world again. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to identify     magic     or     recognize     magical     phenomena, checks     to     gather     information,     checks     to     research information,   checks   to   motivate   or   inspire,   and   checks involving video games. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with   a   knife,   pistol,   or   magic,   defense   checks   to   dodge   or   avoid, checks   that   involve   stealth   or   subtlety,   checks   to   lie   or   deceive,   checks   to   pick   locks,   checks   to   negotiate   or   win   over   with diplomacy, checks to notice things, and checks of general acrobatics or agility. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you go out of your way to learn someone’s problems--or take a step toward solving those problems--gain 1 XP . When you manage to help others while keeping your involvement a secret, gain 3 XP . Whenever you successfully break into--and out of--a place that’s supposed to be impenetrable, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Phantom   Thief:   You   excel   at   planning   heists.   During   a   full   rest,   you   may   plan   a   break   in   of   any   place   you   or   one   of   your   allies   is aware   of.   You   make   calls,   you   do   research,   and   you   figure   out   everything   you   need   to   make   the   heist   happen.   Until   your   next   full rest,   any   non-combat   checks   directly   involved   with   breaking   into--or   out   of--the   location   and   accomplishing   a   specific   goal therein   (shutting   a   device   down,   snatching   an   item   of   note,   etc.)   receive   a   +1   bonus   for   both   you   and   any   allies   in   on   the   plan. This   includes   checks   to   pick   locks,   hack   electronics,   sneak,   climb,   etc.   If   at   any   point   in   the   heist   you   need   a   non-unique   and acquirable   item   to   progress   in   your   heist   (gas   masks,   handcuffs,   flashlights,   etc.)   you   may   declare   that   you   planned   for   this,   and that   the   entire   party   has   the   item   in   question.   When   you   use   the   item-acquiring   aspect   of   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut that aspect down. You may only plan a heist for one location per full rest. LEVEL UP CHOICES Cleave:   You   feed   your   life   force   to   your   Persona   and   in   exchange   it   lends   you   power,   brandishing   its   claws   as   you   or   a   teammate attacks. You may sacrifice 1 HP to grant +3 on an attack check to yourself, or to a nearby ally. Eiha:   You   conjure   your   Persona,   Arsene,   who   blasts   a   single   target   with   cursed   damage   as   a   main   action.   This   spell   gets   +2   on the   attack   check   against   angels,   gods,   demi-gods,   and   those   of   other   heavenly   worlds,   dimensions,   or   regions.   If   you   roll   a   10   on an attack check with this spell, you may inflict Fear  on the target. Gravity   Gun:   Though   it   was   only   a   model   in   your   world,   the   power   of   your   Persona--and   the   physics   of   this   new   world--make this   supernatural   handgun   real.   When   you   deal   damage   with   the   Gravity   Gun,   you   may   choose   to   root   the   target   in   place.   They can still act, but cannot move from their current location until the start of your next turn (or 10 seconds, if out of combat). Never   See   It   Coming:   You   are   a   master   thief,   and   one   of   the   greatest   break   in   artists   of   this   or   any   world.   You   may   automatically succeed   on   any   check   to   hide,   sneak,   feint,   pickpocket,   or   perform   other   acts   of   physical   deception   or   stealth,   OR   let   an   ally automatically succeed on a similar check. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Paradise   Lost:   You   carry   a   powerful   dagger,   imbued   with   the   remnants   of   a   fallen   angel.   You   gain   +2   on   attack   checks   with   this dagger   against   undead,   demons,   and   the   evil   at   heart.   When   you   deal   damage   with   this   dagger,   you   may   steal   one   item   off   the target’s person. Skanda   Belt:   You   wear   a   belt   that   grants   supernatural   speed.   You   have   automatic   Haste .   You   can   run   straight   up   or   along vertical   surfaces,   or   run   across   surfaces   that   shouldn’t   be   able   to   support   your   weight   (like   the   surface   of   water,   or   across bamboo tips) as long as you maintain your momentum. Social   Link:   You   can   form   strong   bonds   with   your   allies--though,   due   to   the   altered   nature   of   the   new   world,   these   bonds   don’t last   as   long   as   you’d   like.   When   you   take   a   full   rest   in   the   presence   of   someone   else,   you   may   choose   to   form   a   bond   with   them. This   bond   lasts   until   either   of   you   take   your   next   full   rest.   When   you   form   a   bond,   choose   one   of   the   following   bonuses   to   grant to both of you: You   develop   a   strong   desire   to   protect   one   another.   While   within   5   feet   of   each   other,   you   both   receive   +1   on defense   checks.   If   one   of   you   fails   to   fully   defend   against   an   attack,   the   other   may   rush   up   to   30   feet   to   intercept   the attack   personally--rolling   their   own   defense   check   at   a   -2   penalty   (and   not   receiving   the   5   foot   bonus,   in   this   specific case). You   come   to   see   each   other   as   fellow   warriors,   yin   and   yang,   confident   that   you   can   tackle   any   threat   if   you’re   both there.   While   within   5   feet   of   each   other,   you   both   receive   +1   on   attack   checks.   If   either   of   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack check,   the   other   may   make   a   free   follow   up   attack   without   using   their   turn--taking   a   shot   from   either   30   feet   away   or rushing up to 30 feet across the battlefield in an instant to make a melee attack. You   come   to   respect   each   others’   abilities,   acknowleding   that   though   you   do   very   different   things,   both   of   you   are critical   to   the   team.   You   both   receive   +1   on   all   non-combat   checks   while   within   10   feet   of   each   other.   In   combat, either   of   you   may   give   up   your   entire   turn   to   grant   it   to   the   other,   giving   you   or   the   bonded   character   two   full   turns   in one round. Survival   Trick:   You   have   a   knack   for   not   quite   dying   when   it   really   looks   like   you   should   have.   When   you’re   dropped   to   0   HP,   roll 2d10 and recover the higher die as HP. Shut this ability off after use.