OSEFK  A A   kind,   compassionate   doctor   affiliated   with   the   Healing   Church   in   the   city   of   Yharnam. Yharnam   became   obsessed   with   blood,   its   entire   society   and   culture   depending   on   healing infusions    and    various    effects    gained    from    manipulated    blood.    As    the    dependence    on altered   blood   rose,   so   did   the   number   of   its   citizens   transforming   into   monstrous   beasts-- but   the   two   events   were   never   rightly   connected.   The   city   ignored   the   possible   causes, instead   employing   Hunters   to   deal   with   the   beasts.   One   such   Hunt   went   awry,   and   Iosefka was   forced   to   lock   herself   in   her   clinic   while   all   hell   broke   loose   around   her.   She   did   her   best to   help   those   that   approached   the   clinic   door,   offering   aid   as   best   she   could   manage…   but something   went   wrong.   She   doesn’t   remember   it   all   too   clearly,   but…   she   knows   that   she shouldn’t   be   here.   She   shouldn’t   be   alive.   The   Great   Collide   has   somehow   spared   her   from   a horrid   fate,   and   now   Iosefka   is   determined   that   this   second   chance   to   help   the   world   will not go to waste. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   that   involve   doing   first   aid,   performing surgery,   identifying   drugs,   or   other   checks   of   medical   knowledge,   checks   involving   occult   or arcane   lore,   and   checks   to   identify   and   know   about   monsters,   especially   creatures   of   the night (vampires, werewolves, etc). Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   notice   things,   checks   to   be   stealthy,   and checks of general intelligence. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you put yourself at great risk to give someone medical care, gain 1 XP . When   you   stumble   upon   some   horrifying   experiment,   condition   or   creature   involving   medicine   or   the   arcane   that   you’ve   never seen before, gain 3 XP . When   you   discover   a   grotesque   and   disturbing   truth   that   taints,   distorts,   or   even   explains   recent   events   and   phenomena,   gain   5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Iosefka’s   Clinic:   Though   you’re   perfectly   capable   out   on   your   own,   you   do   your   best   work   with   a   proper   clinic.   With   access   to   a relatively   quiet   location   in   a   non-hostile   area   (preferably   in   a   permanent   base   of   operations,   aboard   a   ship,   or   somewhere   else easily   and   frequently   accessable)   and   a   length   of   uninterrupted   time   (roughly   a   day   with   nothing   distracting   you),   you   can   set   up your   Clinic.   You   bring   in   supplies,   books,   and   equipment,   turning   it   into   a   home   away   from   home.   While   inside   your   Clinic,   you and   your   allies   receive   +2   on   any   checks   related   to   treating,   researching,   and   otherwise   dealing   with   biology,   chemistry,   anatomy, and   general   medicine.   You   can   treat   any   status   effect   as   a   main   action   from   inside   your   Clinic,   even   those   that   normally   last   all day   (like   System   Shock    or   Silence ).   With   access   to   your   Clinic,   a   full   rest   only   takes   5   hours,   rather   than   8.   Lastly,   you   may   fully heal yourself or one ally per full rest from within your Clinic. LEVEL UP CHOICES Blue   Elixer:   A   strange   liquid   anesthetic   that   numbs   the   brain,   but   also   dilutes   one’s   presence.   You   may   drink   a   Blue   Elixer,   or prompt   an   ally   in   melee   range   to   drink   one,   as   a   side   action.   The   imbiber   is   granted   Invisible    status   for   3   combat   rounds,   or   30 seconds (if out of combat). After a Blue Elixer is ingested, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Bolt   Paper:   This   coarse   paper   has   been   granted   odd   properties   through   experimentation,   and   can   artificially   produce   blue sparks.   When   used   to   rub   down   a   melee   weapon,   the   instrument   becomes   electrified   itself,   using   up   the   paper   in   the   process.   As a   side   action,   you   can   grant   electrical   properties   to   a   weapon   you   wield,   or   the   weapon   of   an   ally   in   melee   range;   the   weapon gains a +2 bonus on attack checks against foes weak to Electricity until the end of the fight. Iosefka’s   Blood   Vial:   Blood   of   the   Healing   Church,   which   you   have   slowly   and   carefully   refined.   You   may   inject   this   into   yourself or   an   ally   in   melee   range   as   a   side   action.   Roll   3d10   and   restore   the   highest   result   as   HP   to   the   injected   subject.   If   you   roll   a   6   or higher, shut this ability down. Insight:   You   know   things   man   is   not   meant   to   know,   and   have   gone   through   things   beyond   the   limits   of   a   human   experience. You   see   things,   everywhere;   things   you   can’t   explain,   things   you   can’t   define.   You   have   feelings   and   instincts   you   can’t   put   into words,   that   pass   as   quickly   as   they   arrive.   You   can   tell   when   someone   in   your   presence   is   concealing   their   true   form,   or   when someone   nearby   is    Invisible ,   though   you   can’t   pinpoint   who   they   are   or   what   their   true   form   is.   You   can   detect   hidden   passages and illusory doors, as well. Kin   Blood:   You’re   not   sure   what   happened…   before   you   arrived   here.   Something’s   wrong   with   your   blood;   it   has   an   odd   hue   and a   slight   glow   to   it.   Increase   your   defense   checks   against   magic-based   attacks   to   a   2d10   (take   the   higher).   You   are   now   immune   to Poison . Lead   Elixer:   This   thick,   syrupy   medicine   has   strange   properties,   and   its   recipe   only   manifests   in   desperate   nightmares.   You   can drink   it,   or   prompt   someone   in   melee   range   to   drink   it,   as   a   side   action.   The   imbiber’s   weight   is   shifted,   making   them   heavier   (in a   certain   sense   of   the   term).   The   imbiber   is   granted   a   +2   bonus   on   all   defense   checks   until   the   end   of   combat   (or   1   minute,   if   out of   combat).   The   affected’s   movement   per   turn   is   halved   for   the   duration,   but   they   also   cannot   be   forceably   moved,   launched, stopped,   or   slowed;   their   movement   simply   is   what   it   is,   and   cannot   be   altered   or   restrained   until   the   Elixer’s   effects   run   out. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Repeating   Pistol:   A   complex   wheel-lock   firearm   used   by   hunters   of   the   Healing   Church,   the   Repeating   Pistol   fires   two   clustered shots   simultaneously.   The   bullets   are   made   of   quicksilver,   with   a   tinge   of   your   own   blood.   Attacks   made   with   your   Repeating Pistol   gain   a   +2   on   the   attack   check   against   creatures   that   are   transformed,   invisible,   possessed,   or   otherwise   concealing   their true form. In addition, if you roll a 10 on an attack check with the Repeating Pistol you may inflict Poison  status. Sedative:    This   liquid   medicine   was   concocted   at   Byrgenwerth   to   help   stave   off   madness.   You   may   inject   yourself,   or   an   ally   in melee   range,   with   Sedative   as   a   side   action.   Sedative   instantly   removes   Challenge,   Charm,   Fear,   and   Rage   status.   The   injected is   granted   immunity   to   these   status   effects   until   the   end   of   combat   (or   for   1   minute   out   of   combat),   as   well   as   receiving   a   +2   on defense checks against mental or psychic attacks for the same duration. After using this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down.