ISAK  O Chiharu   was   a   normal   girl,   once--over   450   years   ago,   during   the Sengoku   period   of   Japan.   Chiharu   was   training   in   the   ways   of   a samurai,   like   her   father,   when   a   band   of   soldiers   raided   her   village. Her   father   was   cut   down   in   the   battle,   and   Chiharu   picked   up   his naginata   to   continue   the   fight.   She   killed   many   of   the   raiding   party before    falling    herself,    but    her    sacrifice    inspired    the    rest    of    her village   to   successfully   drive   off   the   invaders.   The   surviving   villagers built   a   shrine   in   her   honor,   and   for   centuries   after,   there   were legends   of   a   spirit   that   would   guard   the   area   against   attackers--a spirit   the   residents   named   Hisako,   or   “Everlasting   Child,”   as   she appeared   as   a   teenage   girl   with   muddy   feet   and   a   torn   kimono. When     the     corporation     Ultratech     disturbed     her     grave     and desecrated    her    shrine,    Hisako    left    the    sanctity    of    her    home    to exact    vengeance.    Along    the    way    Hisako    grew    into    a    sort    of gatekeeper   of   the   physical   and   astral   planes,   encouraged   by   the spirit   of   her   father   to   battle   against   evil   companies   like   Ultratech, as   well   as   the   greater   evils   that   mankind   is   not   prepared   to   fight. After   the   Great   Collide,   Hisako   continues   her   journey,   avenging   the weak and pursuing the wicked. CHECKS Roll     3d10      and     take     the     highest     result     for     checks     involving knowledge of samurai (including methods and history), and checks involving combat tactics or strategy. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with   a   sword,   bow,   naginata,   or   your   powers,   defense   checks   to block or dodge, and checks to hide or be stealthy. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever your hateful existence or frightening appearance causes tension with your allies or other problems, gain 1 XP . When you exact revenge for those that cannot do it themselves, gain 3 XP . When you prevent evil forces from tarnishing a place of peace, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Onryō:   You   are   an   undead   spirit,   and   not   technically   alive.   You   do   not   need   to   eat,   drink,   breathe,   or   sleep.   You   do   not   tire,   and you   are   immune   to   the   effects   of   Poison .   However,   you   take   a   -2   penalty   on   defense   checks   against   holy   attacks   or   attacks designed   to   target   undead.   You   carry   your   father’s   naginata,   which   carries   a   ghastly   green   glow;   attacks   with   your   naginata   get   a +2 bonus against angels, gods, and other holy creatures. LEVEL UP CHOICES Descent:   You   can   sink   into   the   ground,   briefly   disappearing…   only   to   rise   back   up   somewhere   else.   You   can   use   this   ability   as   a side action, teleporting up to 30 feet to any location you can physically see. Hands:   Blackness   forms   a   pool   beneath   an   enemy   you   can   see,   and   ghostly   hands   begin   to   grab   and   claw   at   the   victim’s   legs. You   can   use   Hands   as   a   side   action;   the   target   is   still   able   to   act,   but   cannot   move   from   their   current   location   until   the   start   of your   next   turn.   You   can   also   use   this   on   every   enemy   in   the   area   simultaneously   at   no   penalty,   but   doing   so   shuts   this   ability down. Mouth:   You   can   unhinge   your   jaw   and   inhale   deeply,   dragging   an   enemy   toward   you   like   a   ghostly   vortex.   As   a   side   action,   you can   pull   one   enemy   up   to   30   feet   toward   you.   You   can,   alternatively,   focus   the   vacuum   effect   to   suck   items   straight   to   you   from   a distance--even   pulling   up   to   one   item   per   side   action   right   off   an   enemy,   or   ripping   it   out   of   their   pocket,   essentially   stealing   an item of choice. On   Ryo   Zan:   With   jerky,   erratic   movements,   you   can   make   a   series   of   low,   middle,   and   overhead   naginata   swipes   in   short succession   that   upses   an   enemy’s   defenses.   When   you   use   On   Ryo   Zan,   treat   the   target’s   defense   as   though   it   were   2   lower against   this,   and   the   next   attack   against   the   same   target   from   any   of   your   allies.      You   can   also   leap   into   the   air   and   perform   a single   massive   swipe,   gaining   a   +2   bonus   against   enemies   that   are   flying,   levitating,   or   otherwise   airborne   in   addition   to   the normal benefits. If you roll a 6 or higher on the attack check, shut this ability down. Possession:   You   can   force   your   way   into   an   opponent’s   body   from   melee   range,   then   force   them   to   contort,   bend,   and   break   in terrible   ways   for   several   seconds   before   you’re   forced   back   out   again.   In   addition   to   dealing   damage   and   inflicting   Armor   Break   status,   you   can   expel   yourself   from   the   victim   in   whichever   direction   you   choose,   allowing   you   to   pass   straight   “through” someone without difficulty. If you roll a 6 or higher on the attack check for this ability, shut it down. Vengeance:   Your   bizarre,   shaky   motions   make   you   difficult   to   follow;   you   can   seem   to   be   somewhere   in   one   instant,   and   gone the   next.   When   you   fully   defend   against   a   melee   attack,   you   can   immediately   make   a   counter-attack   without   using   your   turn.   If you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   attack   check   to   counter,   shut   this   ability   down.   You   may   also   choose   to   use   this   as   an   opening, treating   the   defense   of   the   target   as   2   lower   against   the   counter-attack   as   well   as   against   the   next   attack   to   hit   them   (from anyone); if you do this, shut the ability down. Walls:   You   are   able   to   scale   even   perfectly   flat   walls   and   ceilings   with   your   feet   and   fingertips,   clinging   to   them   like   an   insect.   You climb about as fast as you normally move on the ground. Whispers:   You   are   a   terrifying   sight,   and   even   more   terrifying   to   actually   battle   against.   Whenever   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack check of any kind, you can choose to inflict Fear status.