EK  U Where    Izuku    Midoriya    comes    from,    most    of    the    population    has Quirks--genetic   traits   that   result   in   unique   powers.   Many   of   those   with Quirks   use   their   incredible   abilities   to   become   superheroes.   Deku,   a boy    without    a    Quirk,    came    to    admire    and    idolize    these    heroes… especially   one   in   particular,   the   greatest   hero,   All   Might.   After   an   act   of heroism   despite   his   lack   of   a   Quirk,   Deku   met   his   hero,   and   All   Might offered   Deku   the   chance   of   a   lifetime:   to   inherit   All   Might’s   Quirk,   One for   All.   One   for   All   dramatically   increases   the   user’s   strength,   speed, and    other    attributes,    and    can    be    passed    down    from    one    hero    to another.   Because   Deku’s   body   hasn’t   adapted   to   this   much   power   yet, he   can   only   use   One   for   All   in   short   bursts;   instead,   Izuku   (taking   Deku as   his   hero   name)   relies   on   his   studious   mind,   resourcefulness,   and determination   to   see   him   through.   He’s   also   received   training   from U.A.   Highschool,   the   #1   high   school   for   heroes   in   his   world.   With   the Great   Collide,   Deku’s   priorities   haven’t   changed:   he   wants   to   be   a hero, the greatest hero. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   motivate   or   inspire, and checks involving strategy or tactics. Roll    2d10    and    take    the    highest    result    for    unarmed    attack    checks, defense   checks   to   dodge   or   avoid,   checks   to   research   information,   checks   involving   general   athleticism   or   acrobatics,   checks   to notice things, and checks involving general intuition. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you learn something valuable about how one of your allies operates, or a key to their success, gain 1 XP . When   you   help   beat   a   powerful   enemy   not   just   with   brute   force,   but   by   outsmarting   them   or   leveraging   your   careful   research and analysis to target a weakness, gain 3 XP . When your back is put to the wall or the odds are against you but you walk away a hero to many, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Plus   Ultra:   Your   greatest   power   isn’t   One   for   All--it’s   your   sheer   grit,   your   determination,   and   your   willingness   to   go   beyond. Though,   One   for   All   definitely   helps   facilitate   all   that.   When   an   attack   should   drop   you   to   0   HP,   you   can   declare   that   it   doesn’t. Your HP stays exactly where it is. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. LEVEL UP CHOICES Brave   Midoriya:   You   are   courageous,   and   eager   to   support   your   friends   and   allies   (even   if   you’re   not   much   better   off).   When   an ally   within   30   feet   of   you   fails   to   fully   defend   against   an   attack,   you   can   rush   across   the   battlefield   in   an   instant   and   take   the attack instead. You may make your own defense check against it, but at a -2 penalty. Delaware   Smash:   You   can   flick   your   finger   with   such   force   that   it   produces   a   shockwave,   attacking   an   enemy   from   over   a distance   (and   possibly   fracturing   your   finger   in   the   process).   When   you   hit   an   enemy   with   Delaware   Smash,   they   become stunned;   they   can   still   act,   but   cannot   move   from   where   they   are   until   the   start   of   your   next   turn.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   this   attack, you   also   inflict   Armor   Break    and   shut   this   ability   down.   You   cannot   use   this   ability   if   you’ve   lost   access   to   both   arms   via   Detroit Smash . Detroit   Smash:   You   can   throw   the   entirety   of   your   power   into   a   single   punch,   hitting   a   foe   with   all   the   might   of   One   For   All.   You also   mess   up   your   arm,   because   your   body   isn’t   adjusted   to   using   that   much   strength   yet.   Treat   the   attack   check   as   though   you rolled   a   10,   and   treat   your   target’s   armor   as   though   it   were   halved   (rounding   down).   You   can   do   this   twice,   one   for   each   arm, before   shutting   the   ability   down.   You   completely   lose   access   to   arms   that   have   been   burned   up   with   this   ability;   they   are functionally absent until you take a full rest. Full   Cowling:    Instead   of   throwing   100%   of   your   power   into   a   single   attack   (and   risking   the   destruction   of   your   limbs),   you   can limit   yourself   to   about   5%   of   your   power   through   your   entire   body   evenly.   It   still   wears   you   out,   but   that’s   better   than   breaking an   arm.   You   can   activate   this   ability   as   a   side   action;   for   the   rest   of   the   fight   (or   1   minute,   if   out   of   combat)   you   receive   +1   on   all attack and defense checks, and you have Haste  status. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Hero’s   Notebook:   By   watching   heroes,   comparing   them,   and   analyzing   their   methods,   you’re   able   to   spot   minor   improvements they   could   be   making   in   combat.   As   a   side   action,   you   may   shout   some   immediately   useful   advice   to   one   of   your   allies.   That   ally receives   a   floating   +2   that   they   can   apply   to   any   single   attack   or   defense   check   made   before   the   end   of   combat,   or   to   a   single non-combat check in the next minute. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut it down. Observation:   You   have   a   keen   eye,   and   are   always   watching   others   to   see   their   methods   and   to   master   their   techniques.   You receive   a   +1   bonus   on   any   non-combat   checks   you   make,   as   long   as   you’ve   seen   someone   else   succeed   at   that   same   type   of check since your last full rest. One   for   All   20%:   You   can   restrain   yourself   to   about   20%   of   One   for   All’s   full   power,   but   this   is   still   an   immense   stress   and   you can   only   maintain   it   briefly.   You   can   grant   yourself   a   +3   bonus   on   any   attack   check;   however,   doing   so   deals   you   an   automatic   2 damage that cannot be raised, lowered, or negated. Threat   Analysis:    When   a   new   and   unusual   affliction   overcomes   one   of   your   allies,   your   mind   immediately   goes   to   work-- simulating   the   scenario   in   your   mind,   figuring   out   what   you’re   going   to   do   and   how   you’re   going   to   use   your   own   powers   to   avoid the   same   fate.   When   you   see   someone   be   affected   with   a   status   ailment   (like   Poison    or   Transform ),   you   are   rendered   immune to   that   same   status   until   you   take   a   full   rest.   You   can   become   (temporarily)   immune   to   any   number   of   status   effects   this   way.   You can   also   expand   your   thinking   about   the   effect   to   invent   a   way   for   all   your   allies   to   avoid   it--that   is,   you   can   render   your   entire party   immune   to   one   status   effect   you   witnessed   (not   counting   anyone   that   already   has   it),   but   doing   this   shuts   this   ability   down. You    and    your    party    maintain    any    immunities    you    developed    (until    you    take    a    full    rest),    but    you    cannot    develop    further immunities after shutting this down.