HIPP ZANUF  F When   he   was   younger,   Chipp   Zanuff   peddled   biochemical   drugs   and addictive   steroids   on   the   streets   of   America.   Though   business   was good,   he   eventually   drew   the   attention   of   the   mafia;   Chipp   would have    been    killed,    if    not    for    the    intervention    of    a    ninja    named Tsuyoshi.   Tsuyoshi   took   Chipp   under   his   wing,   caring   for   the   boy, setting   him   on   the   right   path   and   teaching   him   ninjutsu   until   the   day Tsuyoshi   was   assassinated.   Though   Chipp   at   first   sought   vengeance, he   eventually   learned   that   things   were   far   more   complex,   and   he ended   up   sparing   the   life   of   his   master’s   killer   to   foster   a   greater peace.   Chipp   has   vowed   to   protect   those   in   need,   even   becoming president   of   his   own   country   and   aiding   other   nations   before   the Great   Collide   occurred.   Now,   Chipp   struggles   to   find   his   footing   in the new world, while trying to make a difference where he can. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   involving   politics, checks   involving   the   knowledge   of   biochemical   drugs   and   their   sale, checks    involving    Japan    or    Japanese    culture,    and    checks    involving knowledge of crime and the streets. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with your   arm   blades,   ki   attacks,   or   ninja   weaponry,   defense   checks   to dodge    or    avoid,    checks    involving    stealth,    checks    involving    sheer speed,    checks    of    agility    or    acrobatics,    and    checks    to    physically deceive or use sleight of hand. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you run into problems because you didn’t really think things through first, gain 1 XP . When you learn from a failure and use it to improve, gain 3 XP . When someone you’ve given a second chance goes on to do something great, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Tsuyoshi-style   Ninjutsu:   You   have   trained   in   the   ways   of   the   ninja,   making   you   incredibly   quick   and   incredibly   dangerous.   You have   automatic   Haste   status,   and   can   run   straight   up   or   along   walls   and   surfaces   that   shouldn’t   support   your   weight   (such   as water)   as   long   as   you   maintain   your   momentum.   You   may   automatically   succeed   on   checks   that   directly   depend   on   physical speed (such as outrunning someone); when you do, roll 1d10. On a 1-5, shut that aspect of this ability down. LEVEL UP CHOICES Alpha   Blade:   You   rush   forward,   seeming   to   disappear;   all   you   leave   in   your   wake   is   a   trail   where   your   arm   blades   met   the   air. You   move   forward   20   feet,   dealing   damage   to   any   enemies   that   came   within   5   feet   of   your   path.   You   are   immune   to   floor   spikes, isolated   fires,   caltrops,   and   other   environmental   hazards   or   rough   terrain   during   this   movement.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   an attack check with Alpha Blade, shut it down. Beta   Blade:   You   uppercut   an   enemy   into   the   air   with   one   of   your   arm   blades.   When   you   deal   damage   with   Beta   Blade,   you   can render   the   foe   airborne   until   the   start   of   their   turn   (leaving   them   vulnerable   to   attacks   that   capitalize   on   it),   and   you   may   push the target back 5 feet. If you roll a 6 or higher on an attack check with Beta Blade, shut it down. Flash   Hider:   You   are   a   ninja,   an   expert   trained   in   the   methods   of   Tsuyoshi.   You   may   automatically   succeed   on   any   checks related to sneaking, hiding, or general stealth. When you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Gamma   Blade:   You   seem   to   rush   forward,   but   what   you   actually   send   ahead   is   a   duplicate   made   of   blue   ki.   You   can   send   your clone   up   to   30   feet   to   strike   a   target;   whoever   it   comes   into   contact   with   is   dealt   damage   as   a   regular   attack,   and   is   mystically sealed   in   place,   unable   to   move   from   their   current   spot   until   the   start   of   your   next   turn.   Your   ki   clones   can   set   off   sensors   and act   as   distractions,   but   never   last   more   than   10   seconds,   and   do   not   have   enough   physical   presence   to   move   objects   or   exert force. Illusion   Haze   Slash:   Your   opponent   goes   to   attack   you,   but   you   are   no   longer   there;   all   they   find   are   billowing   leaves,   and   your blade   at   their   throat.   When   you   fully   defend   against   an   attack   from   up   to   15   feet   away,   you   may   immediately   counter-attack   and land   within   5   feet   of   the   target   in   whichever   direction   you   prefer.   If   you   roll   a   6   or   higher   on   the   counter-attack,   shut   this   ability down. Pure   Palm:   You   strike   your   opponent   with   a   burning   palm,   gaining   a   +2   on   attack   checks   against   enemies   weak   to   Fire.   You   may follow   up   with   a   flaming   low   kick   and   a   heel   drop;   if   you   do,   you   also   inflict   Burning   status   on   the   target.   If   you   use   the   follow   up and roll a 6 or higher on the attack check, shut this ability down. Shurikens:   You   are   skilled   at   throwing   small   shurikens   when   they’re   least   expected.   You   can   throw   a   shuriken   as   a   side   action, but   only   if   it’s   the   only   side   action   you   take   this   turn.   An   attack   with   a   shruiken   deals   1   guaranteed   damage,   which   cannot   be lowered or raised by any means. Star   Cutting   Wolf   Fang:    One   of   your   ultimate   techniques,   you   steadily   lift   an   enemy   into   the   air   with   a   blindingly   fast   series   of slashes   and   illusionary   maneuvers   before   forcing   them   back   to   the   ground   with   a   powerful,   electrical   palm   strike.   This   deals   +2 damage   against   enemies   weak   to   Electricity,   and   inflicts   System   Shock .   Treat   the   enemy’s   defense   as   though   it   were   2   lower against this, and the next attack to hit the same target (by anyone). Shut this ability down after use. Tsuyoshi-Style   Camouflage:   You   have   mastered   a   technique   that   turns   you   Invisible ,   which   you   can   use   as   a   side   action.   You are invisible for up to an hour, or until you deal damage or are dealt damage. Shut this ability off after use. Tsuyoshi-Style   Transportation:    You   vanish   into   thin   air,   reappearing   somewhere   else   entirely.   You   can   teleport   up   to   30   feet   to any location you can physically see as a side action.