OWSE  R At   a   little   over   seven   feet   tall,   the   reptilian   King   of   the   Koopas   is   nothing   to scoff   at.   Since   the   Great   Collide   he   has   been   stripped   of   his   kingdom,   his castle,   and   his   minions,   and   now   seeks   to   regain   his   authority…   or   hijack someone   else’s.   Bowser   is   proud,   boastful,   and   just   a   little   arrogant,   but   is   also a charismatic leader and a force to be reckoned with. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   intimidate,   bully,   frighten, or motivate others. Roll   2d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   any   checks   of   strength   or   resilience, including defense checks or rolls for melee damage. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP Whenever   your   arrogance,   stubbornes s,   or   big   mouth   gets   yo u   or   the   rest   of   the party into deeper trouble, gain 1 XP . When   one   of   your   attempts   to   gain   power   or   prestige   is   stopped   on   the   cusp   of   its   completion,   or   when   power   and   resources you've already amassed are usurped by someone else, gain 3 XP . Whenever you engage in a big, dramatic duel with an old rival over a matter of great importance, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Koopa   Shell:   When   an   enemy   would   deal   damage   to   you,   you   may   choose   to   negate   the   damage.   You   may   also   use   this   ability to shake off a single status ailment. After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, the ability is shut down. LEVEL UP CHOICES Bowser's   Castle:   You   own   a   massive   castle.   Once   per   full   rest,   you   may   declare   that   you   find   a   pipe   that   leads   from   wherever you   are   to   your   castle   and   back.   The   pipe   will   remain   for   as   long   as   you   will   it.   The   first   time   you   take   this   ability,   this   is   all   you get; however, you may take it multiple times, unlocking one of the following: Armory:   Your   castle   has   a   well   stocked   armory,   where   bullet   bills   and   bob-ombs   are   manufactured.   In   addition   to   being stocked   with   weaponry   that   you   and   your   allies   can   access   (small   explosives,   bullet   bill   cannons,   etc),   any   checks   to   build, repair, comprehend, or otherwise work with machinery gain a flat +2 bonus inside your castle. Defensible   Position:   Your   castle   is   full   of   Thwomps,   Chain   Chomps,   lava   pits,   and   other   traps.   No   one   is   able   to   get   too   far into your castle without your permission, and when anyone tries you become instantly aware of it. Magikoopas:   You   possess   a   vast   library,   and   a   team   of   magikoopas.   You   and   your   allies   gain   a   flat   +2   on   any   checks   to discern, understand, reverse engineer, or work with magic while inside your castle. Fire   Breath:   Bowser   can   unleash   a   spray   of   fire   from   his   mouth   or   launch   a   single   blast   of   fire   over   a   distance,   gaining   +2   to damage   against   foes   weak   to   Fire.   You   can   also   spray   a   15   by   15   foot   square   in   front   of   you,   hitting   all   targets   within   at   no penalty,   but   hitting   multiple   targets   with   this   ability   turns   it   off.   If   you   roll   a   10   on   an   attack   check   with   your   fire,   you   also   inflict Burning   status   to   the   target(s).   You   also   gain   a   permanent   +2   on   defense   checks   against   fire-based   attacks,   and   do   not   suffer   ill effects from exposure to extreme heat. Bowser   Bomb:   You   can   throw   your   weight   down   with   immense   impact,   stunning   foes   in   the   area.   When   you   use   this   ability, every   enemy   in   the   general   vicinity   that’s   touching   the   ground   is   rooted   in   place;   they   can   still   attack   and   otherwise   act,   but   they cannot   move   from   where   they   are   for   10   seconds   (or   until   the   start   of   your   next   traditional   combat   turn,   whichever   is   sooner). This ability can be used as a main action OR a side action; after it’s used as a side action, shut the ability off. Koopa   Clan:    You   have   access   to   a   small   squad   of   Koopa   Troopas   (five   individuals,   which   can   be   split   up   as   you   desire),   which follow   you   wherever   you   go.   They   operate   under   standard   Follower   rules,   and   any   you   lose   are   replaced   when   you   take   an   full rest.   All   checks   they   make   are   at   1d10,   but   they   receive   +2   on   defense   checks   against   physical   damage   to   account   for   their armored shells. Each of your Koopas has 2 HP. Scare ‘Em Good!: If you roll a 10 on an attack check, you may inflict the target with the status effect Fear,  as well. Showdown!:    When   you   make   an   attack   check,   you   may   choose   to   take   -2   on   the   check   to   inflict   Challenged    status   on   your target.   A   Challenged   enemy   cannot   make   an   attack   check   that   doesn’t   include   you   as   a   target,   though   this   status   is   broken   if    you   attack anyone but the Challenged. Thunder   in   a   Can:   You   may   may   lift   an   object   regardless   of   its   weight,   or   automatically   succeed   on   any   test   of   strength   or   similar physical feat (even if you’ve already rolled for it). After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability off. Whirling   Fortress:   You   can   tuck   yourself   into   your   shell,   spinning   forward   with   your   spikes   out.   While   in   this   form,   only   an   actual wall   or   pit   can   stop   you;   you   cannot   be   contained,   restrained,   or   delayed   by   people   alone.   You   travel   at   about   the   speed   of   a   car, but   you   can   barely   turn   and   you   have   trouble   stopping.   You   can   slip   into   your   shell   as   a   side   action,   but   popping   back   out   is   a main action.