ATMA  N As   a   child,   Bruce   Wayne   witnessed   the   murder   of   his   parents by   a   mugger.   That   night   drove   him   to   train   his   body   and   his mind,   and   to   become   a   vigilante   that   could   save   Gotham   City from   criminals   like   the   one   that   killed   his   parents.   Using   his vast   wealth,   intellect,   and   physical   talents,   Batman   has   dealt with   everything   from   killer   clowns   to   reptilian   monsters   and beyond.    After    the    Great    Collide,    Batman    continues    his crusade to rid the world of villainy. CHECKS Roll   3d10    and   take   the   highest   result   for   checks   to   intimidate or   interrogate,   checks   to   tell   if   someone   is   lying   or   hiding their   intentions,   checks   that   involve   business   decisions,   and checks of sheer willpower. Roll    2d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    any    checks    of intuition   or   detective   work,   feats   of   acrobatics   or   athleticism, attack    checks    that    involve    hand-to-hand    combat,    defense checks   to   dodge   incoming   threats,   checks   to   drive   an   air,   sea, or     land-based     vehicle,     any     general     knowledge     checks (biology, chemistry, history, etc), and checks to hide or be stealthy. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When   your   inability   to   trust   or   refusal   to   rely   on   other   people   gets   you   into   trouble   or   causes   major   tensions   within   your   party,   gain   1 XP . When   killing   an   enemy   would   make   things   a   great   deal   easier   but   you   choose   instead   to   show   mercy   or   try   to   rehabilitate   your foe, gain 3 XP . When you scare a major enemy or a community of enemies away from a place you’ve sworn to protect, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Dark   Knight:    You’ve   trained   extensively   in   using   the   shadows   as   a   weapon,   and   are   accustomed   to   fighting   from   the   dark.   You are   permanently   immune   to   Blind   status.   You   may   choose   to   simply   vanish   from   a   scene--you   throw   down   a   smoke   bomb, flicker   the   lights,   or   simply   disappear   when   no   one’s   watching   you.   You   may   still   be   nearby,   having   escaped   to   the   roof,   the sewer,   or   anywhere   else,   but   as   far   as   the   present   company   is   concerned   you   are   gone,   no   questioned   asked.   Shut   this   aspect   of the ability off after use. LEVEL UP CHOICES Batarang:   You   carry   bladed   Batarangs,   bat-shaped   weapons   that   will   circle   back   around   if   they   only   skimmed   their   target   the first   time.   When   you   attack   with   a   Batarang,   you   may   not   roll   more   than   1d10   for   the   attack   check;   however,   if   you   roll   a   1-3,   roll a second time and add the second outcome to the first. Bat-Claw:    You   possess   a   high   powered   grappling   line   in   gun   form,   which   can   fire   a   sturdy   cable   up   to   50   feet   and   pull   you toward   whatever   the   claw   at   the   end   connects   with.   You   are   pulled   to   your   destination   instantly   and   easily--if   the   claw   can   reach it,   so   can   you.   The   Bat-Claw   can   support   up   to   350   lbs,   and   can   be   used   on   anything   that   can   support   the   weight   being   pulled, even flat surfaces. Batmobile:   You   have   rediscovered   the   Batmobile,   a   personalized   and   armored   car.   The   Batmobile   has   8   HP.   It   has   a   built   in communications   system   that   can   tap   into   local   networks   (radio,   cell   phone,   etc),   smoke   and   oil   dispensers   (+2   for   shaking   off followers),   radar   and   positioning   systems   (+2   for   navigation),   searchlights,   automatic   tire   inflation/patching   devices,   magnetic ejector   seats,   plus   25mm   gatling   guns   and   tranquilizer   guns   built   into   the   front   of   the   vehicle.   It   has   an   advanced   security   system (difficulty   7   to   break   in)   with   an   electroshock   defense   mechanism,   allowing   only   you   and   those   you   choose   inside   the   vehicle.   It normally   seats   two,   but   the   seats   can   be   rearranged   to   allow   up   to   six   human-sized   occupants   total.   The   Batmobile   can   reach   up to 200 mph on open road. If the Batmobile is reduced to 0 HP it’s wrecked, but can be restored/replaced during a full rest. Fear    of    Bats:    You    strike    fear    into    the    hearts    of    your    foes.    When    you    roll    a    10    on    an    attack    check,    you    may    choose    to automatically    inflict    Fear    status.    After    years    of    being    exposed    to    Scarecrow’s    fear    toxin--among    other    chemicals--you    are immune to Fear  yourself. League   of   Shadows:   You   have   trained   under   some   of   the   greatest   assassins   in   history,   and   are   a   master   of   stealth.   You   may automatically   succeed   on   a   check   to   hide,   sneak,   or   act   without   being   noticed.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   1d10;   on   a   1-5,   shut this ability down. Man   of   Many   Faces:   You   can   create   impenetrable   disguises,   outright   alter-egos   that   can   fool   even   the   keenest   eye.   Your   most used   alter   ego   is   that   of   billionaire   playboy   Bruce   Wayne,   followed   by   that   of   the   small-time   criminal   with   a   heart   of   gold, Matches   Malone.   You   can   craft   other   disguises   as   necessary,   switching   to   a   persona   or   back   in   roughly   ten   minutes.   While   in disguise   you   automatically   succeed   on   any   checks   to   lie   about   your   identity.   Magic   and   other   supernatural   abilities   that   can   see through   disguises   or   facades   can   detect   that   you’re   putting   on   a   show,   but   can’t   tell   that   you’re   really   Batman.   Using   any   of   your other abilities while in disguise will expose your identity. Utility   Belt:   You   wear   a   Utility   Belt,   which   carries   an   assortment   of   useful   devices,   gadgets,   and   tools.   Whenever   you   need   a non-magical,   non-unique   item   (like   a   forensics   kit,   a   gas   mask,   a   lock   pick,   etc)   you   may   simply   declare   that   you   have   one.   After you use this ability, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. World’s   Greatest   Detective:   You   rely   on   detective   skills   and   general   knowledge   to   fight   crime,   and   have   had   your   mind   tested against   some   of   the   most   brilliant   villains   in   the   world.   You   may   automatically   succeed   on   checks   of   deductive   reasoning,   checks to   notice   or   link   clues,   checks   to   tell   if   someone   is   lying,   and   general   detective   work.   After   you   use   this   ability,   roll   a   1d10;   on   a   1- 5, shut this ability down.