SELLU  S As    a    teenager,    Asellus    was    saved    from    the    brink    of    death    by    a transfusion   of   blood   from   a   man   named   Orlouge,   a   Mystic   with   the title    of    Charm    Lord.    Mystics    are    an    ageless    and    magical    species, detached    and    apathetic,    thinking    themselves    above    humans--and Orlouge   was   among   the   worst,   a   heartless   and   greedy   tyrant   ruling over   his   kingdom   of   Facinaturu.   Though   he   tried   to   subjugate   Asellus, she   fled   his   palace.   Eventually,   Asellus   came   to   terms   with   what   she was    now--half    Mystic,    and    half    human.    She    lead    an    uprising    of Orlouge’s   subjects,   overthrowing   him,   and   becoming   a   much   kinder ruler   of   Facinaturu   in   his   stead.   Asellus   still   struggles   with   her   Mystic instincts, frequently reminding herself that she is human, as well. CHECKS Roll    3d10     and    take    the    highest    result    for    checks    to    identify    or understand magic, and checks to understand political situations. Roll   2d10   and   take   the   highest   result   for   attack   checks   made   with   a sword   or   magic,   defense   checks   against   a   sword   or   magic,   checks   to be stealthy, and checks to lie, charm or get your way in a negotiation. Roll 1d10 for anything else. XP When you solve a problem through wit, charm, or subterfuge, gain 1 XP . When it would be easier to look the other way but you succeed at helping someone regardless, gain 3 XP . Whenever you bring a peace or solidarity between people of two different species or vastly different cultures, gain 5 XP . YOU BEGIN WITH Mystic   Sword:    You   carry   the   enchanted   blade   of   a   Mystic,   which   you   can   summon   or   dismiss   at   will.   When   you   use   your   sword to   drop   a   non-automaton   enemy   to   0   HP,   you   may   absorb   them   into   your   sword.   You   receive   +1   on   attack   and   defense   checks until the end of combat. LEVEL UP CHOICES Blade   Net:    A   spell   absorbed   into   your   Mystic   Boots.   With   a   stomp   of   your   heel,   energy   rises   from   the   ground   around   a   target   of your   choice,   hardening   into   a   sharp   net.   This   ability   accompanies   a   ranged   attack,   and   thus   requires   a   main   action   to   use;   you take   -2   on   the   attack   check   and   the   target   is   locked   in   place,   able   to   act   but   unable   to   move   from   their   current   spot   (at   least,   until they take a main action to cut themselves free). After you use Blade Net, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Fascination:   The   blood   of   the   Charm   Lord   runs   through   your   veins,   and   even   your   enemies   have   difficulty   denying   your   allure. When   you   make   an   attack   check,   you   may   take   -2   on   the   roll   to   inflict   Charm    status   on   your   target.   You   may   also   automatically succeed   on   a   check   to   convince   anyone   of   anything,   be   it   via   a   lie,   or   simply   negotiation,   even   if   you’ve   already   rolled   for   it.   When you use this aspect of the ability, shut the whole ability down. Gremlin   Effect:    A   spell   absorbed   into   your   Mystic   Gloves.   You   gain   +2   on   attack   checks   against   automata,   such   as   robots   or golems.   You   can   also   shut   down   a   non-hostile   machine   (such   as   a   car,   or   computer)   or   inflict   System   Shock    on   a   target   as   a   side action.   If   you   shut   down   a   machine,   the   device   becomes   magically   sabotaged,   and   will   require   actual   repairs   before   it   becomes operational again. When you use this ability to damage a device or inflict System Shock , shut this ability down. Godless:   You   can   create   an   illusion   in   response   to   an   attack.   Your   foe   stumbles   through   your   false   copy,   only   to   be   met   by   your very   real   blade.   When   you   fully   defend   against   a   melee   attack   (that   is,   you   take   no   damage   from   it),   you   may   counter-attack   with a sword slash of your own without using your turn. If you roll a 6 or higher on the attack check, shut this ability down. Glass   Shield:   As   a   side   action,   you   may   manifest   a   magical   glass   shield   to   hover   in   front   of   yourself   or   an   ally.   The   glass   shield can   stop   up   to   3   damage   from   an   enemy,   but   will   shatter   with   the   first   hit   it   takes.   If   the   shield   takes   a   melee   attack,   the shattered glass deals 1 damage to the attacker, as well. After you conjure the shield, roll 1d10; on a 1-5, shut this ability down. Mirror   Shade:   You   can   produce   illusions,   false   copies   of   yourself.   They   look   and   sound   just   like   you   do;   you   perceive   through them,   and   control   them   mentally.   If   one   of   your   shades   is   attacked   at   all,   it   disappears.   You   can   make   up   to   3   shades   per   full   rest, and they do not have to be made all at once. Rosario   Impale:   The   ultimate   technique   of   charade   and   swordplay.   You   briefly   manifest   four   copies   of   yourself,   which   feint   a single   target   from   melee   range--forming   a   cross   in   a   bright   flash   of   pink   light.   The   real   you   comes   in   from   the   air,   driving   your sword   into   the   target.   This   bewildering   attack   inflicts   Armor   Break   status.   In   addition,   if   the   target   is   undead,   a   demon,   or genuinely evil, you get a +2 bonus to the attack check. Shut this ability off after it’s used.